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Record/Rip iTunes music/Radio to MP3 on Mac OS

Want to enjoy iTunes Music/Radios in your portable device anytime and anywhere? Want to carry iTunes Radios with your MP3 player around? Well, it seems kind of difficult. As we all know we can only access to iTunes Radios when we surf on the Internet. Well, Why not record iTunes Radios to MP3? Then you can enjoy it offline. Yes, only an iTunes Radio downloader or a recording utility can troubleshoot the problem for you. If you download and install an audio recording or ripping program, you can get any online audios or radios as you like.

To record iTunes music/Radios easily and quickly, you can’t miss our iTunes music recording software Mac - Ondesoft Audio Recorder. It allows Mac users to grab or record any iTunes Radios with very good quality with just a few clicks. What’s more, it is not just a simple audio record tool, it also enables you to edit iTunes Music/Radios as you need. Yes, this recording program can be functioned as iTunes Music/Radio Recorder and Editor.

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Now, we will show you how to record and edit iTunes Radios.

Step 1: Install the Audio Recorder

You can download the recorder from download page or by clicking on "Free Trial". Then follow instructions to install it on your Mac. After installation, the recording software will run automatically to get ready for you to record iTunes Radios.

Step 2: Record or Rip iTunes Music/Radio

At first, you need to select iTunes as source. Click "Record" or "Load" button, the sound recorder will launch iTunes for you. What you have to do is just to play the radio that you want to listen to. Then you can see the recording program has already begun to record radio for you. It is very easy, isn't it? Yes, with just several clicks, you've got iTunes radio recordings with very good audio effect. When the recording is done, the smart audio recorder will stop automatically and output radio into MP3 format in the default folder.

record iTunes radio on mac

Step 3: Edit iTunes radio

If you want to personalize the iTunes recordings, you don't need to buy editing tool for your Mac. Install this audio recording software, you've got audio editor for free. Switch to the audio editing interface, you can easily remove off one clip from recording by setting start time and end time accurately. In addition, you can also choose a few segments to join into a new audio file.

Now, try Ondesoft iTunes Mucis Recorder to record iTunes Music/Radio to enjoy more fun.

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