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1. How many clips can this ClipBuddy save?
Ondesoft ClipBuddy can save as many clips as you want, for efficient management, you may store them to different trees.

2. Does your ClipBuddy support pasting?
Yes, ClipBuddy supports two kinds of pasting modes: with the original formatting or as plain text.

3. Text copied from any program can be recorded?
Yes, ClipBuddy works well with all applications that are compatible with clipboard on your Mac. All your cutting and copying history will be stored.

4. Can I edit the clippings within ClipBuddy?
Yes, you can do case conversion, remove line breaks, find and replace specific words or just add, modify or delete some information in the TextBrowser\window.

5. Tell me something about the searching function?
The searching function is designed to capture clips you need precisely and instantly. Searching qualified results according to title, content, source, format, date and URL is available.

6. I want to store text with pictures for future use, is it possible?
Text with pictures also can be saved, when you paste them to word, pictures will appear automatically.

7. I am a registered user, but I have lost my registration code, must I pay it again?
No, you needn't. Please click here to send an email to us for resending it. Please include the following information in the email for locating your order record from our database. Order ID Email address used in the order Full name used in the order Address used in the order Order date. 

8. My registration code is invalid? 

(1) Please make sure the reg-code matches your program version Register old version program with your old reg-code or upgrade your program with your updated reg-code. 

(2) Please use copy & paste to input your name and code to avoid mistakes. The name should be your credit card name.

9. I lost my registration code! What to do?
Please try our LostKey Page to get back your reg-code. The LostKey Page link is : http://www.ondesoft.com/lostkey.html.

10. I lost my program! What to do?
Please go to our website(http://www.ondesoft.com), download a newest version trial and register it again with your reg-code all the trial limitations will be removed.

11. My program is an old version. How to upgrade?
Two steps to upgrade (The upgrade is free)

(1) Go to our website http://www.ondesoft.com, download a newest version trial.

(2) Use Key Page to upgrade your reg-code. The LostKey Page link is : http://www.ondesoft.com/lostkey.html.

12. I have changed my e-mail address. What to do?
Please inform us of it. Tell us your old e-mail (or your order ID) and your present address. We'll change it for you.

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