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Crafty Clipboard Utility for Mac

Designed to simplify multiple cut-and-paste jobs, Clipboard for Mac is full of powerful features that help to make the process of saving digital clippings effective and controllable.  It is definitely a powerful clipboard for Mac.

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Clipboard for Mac is well established for its flexible operations, powerful functions:

Saving Resources - Work well with multiple texts from any program on your Mac (like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Word, Excel, TextEdit, iChat, Folder, etc.), all in one simple window.

Data manager - Clipboard for Mac does more than just store copy-and- paste text – it organizes all copied or cut text from any program in simple and clear tree-type directory.

Changeable view mode - Two view modes for you to choose: full and mini. Full mode is the default view showing four windows. It not only lets you scan the contents of each clipping, but you can also edit the contents right in the window itself. Mini mode only shows the list window, which is convenient for you to scan, search, classify and paste the clips.

Transparence settings - Easily make the windows transparent so you can keep an eye on the window without it being too distracting. 

Display options - Display options allow you to keep ClipBuddy always on top or hide it automatically or display in normal mode.

Exclude options - Since Clipboard for Mac is designed to remember all copying and cutting operations from any application, surely in some cases there are a few text materials that don’t need to be stored. What should you do? Good news! In this situation, you could do some preferences. ClipBuddy allows you to block some applications, and then information copied from these applications won’t be saved. Also it can block itself, which means coping history from ClipBuddy won’t be recorded. Very thoughtful, isn’t it?

clipboard for Mac

Editing - TextBrowser window provides you with visualization effect. Contents of each item can be viewed and modified here. Also you can change text case, remove line breaks, or find and replace specific words conveniently and precisely. Hex finding is also available.

Hotkeys - System-wide hotkeys help to select and paste clips to other applications conveniently.

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