How to convert Spotify to MP3 on Android [5 Ways]

Having access to offline songs on your Android device is important for anyone who loves listening to music on the go, especially in areas with poor or no internet connectivity. For Spotify users, you can listen to Spotify offline by subscribing to Spotify Premium, which allows you to download songs and playlists to your device and listen to them without an internet connection.

However, Spotify is not designed to download Music in MP3 Format. You can only download the songs in a proprietary format which you can play back with your Smartphone, PC/Mac or iPod Touch using the Spotify Application. However, with third-party tools, you can convert Spotify to mp3 easily. Here we will introduce and compare 5 third-party apps and online tools for you to convert Spotify to mp3.

  1. SpotifyDown
  2. SpotifyMate
  3. Fildo
  4. SpotiFlyer
  5. Ondesoft Spotify Converter

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1. SpotifyDown

SpotifyDown is an online tool lets you quickly and easily download any song, album, or playlist from Spotify. Best of all, it's free and easy to use! Enter the URL of the song, album, or playlist you want to download, and Spotify Downloader will take care of the rest. You can then save the songs to your computer or mobile device for offline playback. Give it a try today, and enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere!  

How to use SpotifyDown?

Here's a simple tutorial how to use SpotifyDown:

  1. Open Spotify App or web player(https://open.spotify.com/) and log in.
  2. Find the song / album you'd like to download
  3. Click on the "3 dots" button. The button looks like this...
  4. Click "Share" and then "Copy Link" button
  5. Open https://spotifydown.com
  6. Paste copied link above and press "Download"
  7. Wait for the processing to finish and click "Download" button

spotify converter

Recognizes playlist/album links.
Keep ID3 tags.

Too many ads.
Download songs one by one.
Can't one-click to download whole playlist/album.

2. SpotifyMate

SpotifyMate is also a free tool helping you to download Spotify songs in MP3 online. Save Spotify songs with the best quality in an MP3 file format. SpotifyMate Spotify Music Downloader is completely free to use, fast and secure. No need to install any apps or extension, you only need a Spotify Track, Playlist, Album link to paste in the input field on SpotifyMate Spotify Music Downloader website and download MP3 file format.

  1. Open the Spotify app, or the Spotify website(https://open.spotify.com/) in your browser.
  2. Open the playlist or album and select song you want to save as an Mp3 file.
  3. Click the  Three Dots and click  Share button.
  4. Select  Copy Song Link
  5. Visit the website SpotifyMate.com.
  6. Paste the Link into the above input field that says "Paste URL from Spotify".
  7. Click the Download button on the right to download the Mp3.
  8. Select Mp3 quality to download Spotify music Mp3.

spotify converter

Recognizes album/playlist links.
Wrong ID3 tags.
Download Spotify to mp3 songs in 128kbps.
Doesn’t support one-click to download whole playlist/album.

3. Fildo

Fildo is an mp3 downloader Android application which allow listen and download mp3 in your android mobile. You can download the APK file from its official site .

How to convert Spotify to mp3 on Android with Fildo?

Step 1. Download , install and open Fildo on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap “More” tab from the bottom and choose “IMPORT SPOTIFY.”

spotify converter

Step 3. Log in to your Spotify account and the app will load playlists from your Spotify library.

spotify converter

Step 4. Choose high matching or normal. Fildo does not host any mp3 files, it matches the Spotify songs from third party mp3 search engines.

spotify converter

Step 5. Once your playlists or songs are successfully imported into Fildo, you can tap the three dots icon and start to download music from Spotify.

spotify converter

Now you can enjoy Spotify MP3 songs offline on your Android devices. Fildo matches your Spotify songs from online mp3 library. It may take a long time to match your whole playlist if it contains many songs. And if the songs can't be matched, then they can't be downloaded. Another shortcoming is that you have to tap each songs and select Download, which is very time-consuming.

Cons: Some songs fail to download.

4. SpotiFlyer

SpotiFlyer is a Multiplatform Music Downloader(written in Kotlin) for downloading playlist, albums, tracks from Spotify, Youtube, Gaana, Jio-Saavn and SoundCloud. It is available on Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux and as web player.

How to use SpotiFlyer to download MP3 songs from Spotify?

  1. Download, install and run SpotiFlyer on your Android device.
  2. Open the Spotify app, or the Spotify website(https://open.spotify.com/) in your browser.
  3. Open the playlist or album and select song you want to save as an Mp3 file.
  4. Click the  Three Dots and click  Share button.
  5. Select  Copy Song Link.
  6. Paste the Link into SpotiFlyer input field that says "Paste link here".
  7. Tap Search icon.
  8. When the songs is displayed, tap the download icon.

Cons: Some songs fail to download.

spotify to mp3 converter

5. Ondesoft Spotify Converter

The above free Spotify to MP3 converter tools allow you to convert Spotify to MP3 on Android, however, you can only download songs individually, one by one, which means that if you intend to download a playlist consisting of 100 songs, you'll have to click the download button over 100 times. Additionally, the website includes advertisements.

Are they any effortless ways to convert Spotify to MP3? Absolutely yes.

Another ways is to download spotify to mp3 on your Mac/Windows and then transfer the mp3 songs to your Android. Ondesoft Spotify Converter is such a tool for you to download Spotify to mp3 on Mac and Windows. Ondesoft Spotify converter will download whole Spotify playlists stably and quickly.

How does Ondesoft Spotify Converter work to download Spotify to MP3?

Step 1 Run Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Download and install Ondesoft Spotify Converter on your Mac or Windows. Before you run it, please make sure that you have installed the latest Spotify on your computer. Then launch Ondesoft Spotify Converter, Spotify will be launched automatically.

spotify to mp3 converter

Step 2 Add Spotify songs

Find the songs you want to convert, then drag the song, album or playlist to the main interface of Ondesoft Spotify Converter. Or you can click the Add Files button, copy and paste the url of the song to the search box on the bottom of the program. Click the Add button, then songs will be added to the conversion list.

drag&drop spotify songs

All songs in the playlist or albums will be checked by default. You are free to uncheck the tracks you don't want to convert.

3. Choose output settings (optional)

Click the gear icon on the top right corner to customize output settings. The default download format is M4A. It also supports downloading Spotify Music as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and AIFF. You can also change audio quality, cover quality, filename format, etc. according to your needs.

Spotify to mp3, m4a, wav, flac

Step 4 Start Converting

Click the Convert button to start downloading and converting songs. Wait for a few minutes, you can find all converted songs by clicking the History button.

Spotify to mp3

After conversion, click below folder icon to quickly locate the DRM-free Spotify songs, albums or playlists in MP3 format. You can then transfer and play them anywhere such as iTunes , Google Play Music , iPod , Sandisk , Phone , etc. or burn them to CD .

Spotify to mp3 converter


In this article we have introduced 5 Spotify to MP3 converters for Android. Some are online tools and others are third-party app. To download Spotify to MP3 in 320kbps conveniently and stably on Android, Pazu Spotify Converter is your best choice. 

Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter
Download Spotify music to MP3, M4A, etc. with either free or premium account.

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