Top 9 Spotify Add-ons for Better Experience 2024

To take your Spotify listening experience and music management to the next level, you'll definitely want to try out these 8 top-notch Spotify add-ons. Whether you're looking to add an equalizer to your player, turn your Spotify player into a Winamp-style player with skins and visualizations, or even track your favorite artists' concerts in your area, these plugins will have you covered. With features like personalized music recommendations, lyrics for the songs you're listening to, and the ability to transfer your playlists between different streaming services, these plugins are sure to make your music-listening experience more enjoyable and efficient than ever before.

There are many add-ons available for Spotify that can enhance your experience on the platform. Here are a few examples:

1. Equalify Pro

Equalify Pro is an equalizer for the windows desktop version of Spotify, Windows 7 or above is fully supported. This add-on allows you to add an equalizer to your Spotify player, giving you more control over the sound.

The Equalify plugin has evolved considerably since its original inception; both visually and functionally. Equalify Pro integrates perfectly with Spotify, simply click the Equalify Pro button in the Spotify window to display the equalizer and you can enhance your audio for the best listening experience.

Equalify Pro now seamlessly changes output devices without having to restart Spotify or even pause the music you're playing! It's easy to install, and when you create an account, you can choose from a variety of licensing models to suit your needs. Numerous settings make it easy to get Spotify working and sounding the way you want it to.

Spotify add-on

2. Spotiamp

Spotiamp is a Windows program that lets you login to your Spotify account and play your playlists. You can also search for tracks to play, and there's a radio feature. This is a Spotify add-on that turns your Spotify player into a classic Winamp-style player, complete with skins and visualizations. Spotiamp borrows the design of the UI from Winamp, an excellent MP3 player back in the days. Spotiamp aims to be resource efficient and perform in a really fast and snappy way.

How to use Spotiamp?

First of all, you need Spotify Premium to use this program. 

1. Download, install and run Spotiamp on your Windows.

2. Login to Spotify in the login window that pops up.

3. Click the Eject button in the main window to see your playlists. 

4. Double click on a track to play it. 

5. Click the O button or right click in the Window to bring up the Settings menu. You can paste a link to a Spotify playlist on the main window using Ctrl+V.

3. Songkick Concerts

Songkick Concerts makes it so easy to go to concerts. Track your favorite artists and it will notify you as soon as they announce tour dates near you, with everything you need to buy tickets. You’ll never miss another show! This add-on will scan your Spotify library and let you know when your favorite artists are playing concerts in your area.

Spotify add-on

4. Last.fm

Last.fm is a popular music tracking service that can be integrated with Spotify to keep track of your listening habits and make personalized recommendations.

Spotify add-on

How do I connect Last.fm to your Spotify account and view all your music listening statistics?

1. Go to https://www.last.fm in your browser and register or sign in.

2. Click on "Track My Music" at the bottom of any Last.fm page.

3. Scroll download to find Spotify and click Connect.

Spotify add-on

4. Sign in to your Spotify account and allow Last.fm to connect to your account.

5. The Spotify Scrobbling setup is now complete. 

After this, anything you listen to on Spotify will be recorded on your Last.fm account. You can find your listening statistics later by opening the Last.fm website or app and going to your profile.

5. TuneWiki

TuneWiki was a music-centered startup that provides scrolling lyrics through its social music players for cellphones and handheld devices. This add-on provides lyrics for the songs you're listening to on Spotify, allowing you to sing along and follow the words.

Spotify add-on

6. Soundiiz

Soundiiz is a useful tool that allows you to transer playlists between different music streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, etc. This service allows you to transfer your Spotify playlists to other music streaming services or vice versa.

Spotify add-on

These are just a few examples of the many add-ons available for Spotify. To find more, you can search the App Store or third-party websites.

7. stats.fm for Spotify Music App

stats.fm for Spotify Music is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to gain insights with stats.fm into your most listened songs and artists from every period you can imagine. Don't feel like waiting until the end of the year to see your Spotify Wrapped? Or don't like the design and unuseful info given? No problem, Stats.fm is here to show you everything you ever wanted and more!

All your listening history in one place:

• Your top tracks, top artists, top albums and even top genres
• When you listen (listening clock and more)
• How much you listen (playcounts, minutes/hours streamed)
• What type of music (lively, energetic, etc)

And many more stats and cool graphs

Spotify add-on

8. Spotify artist's all songs  

Have you ever wanted to listen to all the songs by your favorite artist in one convenient playlist on Spotify? Well, we've got you covered! With our innovative extension, you can now create a playlist with all the songs from any artist on Spotify, making it easier than ever to enjoy their entire discography.

Here's how it works:

  1. Start by installing the "Spotify artist's all songs" extension on your Google Chrome browser.

    Spotify add-on

  2. Once the extension is installed, click it to open Spotify web player. Log in your account and go to the artist page.

  3. Look for the newly added extension icon in your browser's toolbar. It should be there after installing the extension.

  4. Click on the extension icon to reveal a handy menu of options.

  5. In the menu, locate and click on the "Show all songs" button.

  6. Sit back and relax for a couple of seconds as the extension works its magic.

  7. Before you know it, you'll be automatically redirected to a brand-new playlist, specially curated with all the songs by the artist you chose.

9. Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Ondesoft Spotify Converter is a feature-rich tool that’s designed to help users convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF without losing the original quality. It’s a cross-platform Spotify converter that’s available for both Windows and macOS. This means you’ll be able to convert Spotify audio tracks to mp3 right from your computer.

One of the major benefits of Ondesoft Spotify Converter is that it supports multiple output formats and lets you download songs at 320kbps. So, irrespective of the format that you choose while downloading a file, the tool won’t affect its original quality at all.

Moreover, Ondesoft Spotify Converter also ensures to save the ID3 tags and metadata information of each song. This will be an extremely useful feature if you’re planning to download multiple Spotify songs at the same time. With this metadata information, you’ll be able to find the desired songs without any hassle.

With Ondesoft Spotify to mp3 converter, you can also customize the audio settings as per your preferences. Before downloading the song on your computer, you can adjust different parameters such as the bitrate and the sample rate. This will allow you to adjust the audio quality according to your device.

After you’ve downloaded the songs from Spotify, you can transfer them to your smartphone or mp3 player and listen to them whenever you want.

Let’s take a look at some of the additional features of Ondesoft Spotify Converter that make it the most reliable tool to download Spotify to mp3 songs. 

  1. Convert Spotify songs to different formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF
  2. Built-in Spotify web player, no Spotify app needed.
  3. Available for both Windows and macOS (10.11 and later)
  4. Download Spotify songs without damaging the audio quality at all
  5. Adjust audio parameters such as bitrate and sample rate to customize the audio preferences
  6. Save ID tags and metadata information of each Spotify song
  7. Works with both free and premium Spotify accounts
  8. Download different types of audio files including songs, playlists, and podcasts from Spotify

How to Convert Spotify Songs to Mp3 Files With Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Now that you know the key features of Ondesoft Spotify Converter, let’s take a look at how to use it. Here’s the detailed step-by-step process that’ll help you convert songs from Spotify to mp3 using Ondesoft Spotify Converter.

Step 1 - Click below button and download the right version of Ondesoft Spotify Converter. Again, launch the installer and follow the dedicated instructions to install the tool on your computer.

Step 2 - Launch Ondesoft Spotify Converter and log in your Spotify account to proceed further.

spotify to mp3 converter

Step 2 - Next, click the gear icon to open Settings window. Make sure that you select the format you want the song to be converted. The default output format is M4A. Besides, you can also change output quality, output folder, output file name, output organized way, action after converting, and interface language.

Spotify to mp3, m4a, wav, flac

Step 3 - Once you have customized settings, browse the built-in Spotify web player to find songs, albums or playlists you want to download.

drag&drop spotify songs

Click Add to list to load all songs to the Converting window.

drag&drop spotify songs

Step 4 - Once you have made your selection, click on the “Convert” button, and wait Pazu Spotify Converter to download Spotify songs to the format you choose.

Spotify to mp3

The Spotify Converter will convert Spotify music to MP3 with ID3 tags. Once that’s done, you’ll find all download Spotify songs in the output folder. Transfer them to any device and play them with any compatible player.

Spotify to mp3 converter

That’s how you can convert Spotify audio files to mp3 tracks using Ondesoft Spotify to MP3 Converter.


Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter
Download Spotify music to MP3, M4A, etc. with either free or premium account.

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