Best Spotify Compatible MP3 Players in 2024

There are still many people prefer to mp3 player for listening to music on the go without a phone. However, Spotify users who want to listen to Spotify on mp3 player feel disappointed when they find that they can't sync Spotify playlists to the mp3 player, even though premium users have downloaded the playlists for offline playback. Actually, as a famous music streaming service, Spotify is only available on internet connected device with the ability to run a Spotify application, such as Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Part 1 Spotify compatible mp3 players

Check this page for Spotify compatible devices.

1. iPod Touch

As for Spotify compatible mp3 player, the only one that the official website lists is 6th generation iPod Touch or above (iOS 10 or above. 250 MB free space).

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2. Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player

The other Spotify compatible mp3 player is called Mighty . It allows you to play Spotify streaming music on-the-go without a smartphone or Internet connection. It connects to your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth and can hold more than 1,000 tracks. It’s tiny, light and can be clipped to your clothes. However, it only works with Spotify Premium and will cost you $124.99.

spotify on Mighty

3. SWOFY 80GB MP3 Player

SWOFY M501 80GB MP3 player (with Bluetooth and WiFi) is powered by Android 9 OS, 8-core 1.92GHz processor, 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM with 64GB SD card, which runs faster and smoother, not only ensures the stable operation performance, but also supports your expansion needs.
SWOFY M501 MP3 & MP4 player features a 4.7-inch high-resolution (1280*720) full touch screen, after connecting to WIFI, the MP3 player supports downloading/uploading/listening to music or watching videos online. The MP3 player comes preloaded with many of the most popular Spotify, Amazon Music, Facebook, Audible, Deezer, Kindle, Pandora, Twitter, TIDAL, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video and more.
Price: $84.99

Screen Size: 4.7 Inches
Memory Storage Capacity: 80 GB
Battery Life: 2500mAh battery 50 hours music playing time

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4. MYMAHDI 80GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth and WiFi

MYMAHDI 80GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth and WiFi is a 4" Android Streaming MP3 Player with Spotify, Pandra, Audible, Deezer, etc. This mp3 player support to download/upload/listen the music or watch the video online after you connect the WiFi. This mp3 player cover variety of mainstream media APPs in it, such as: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Facebook, Audible, Deezer, Kindle, Pandora, Twitter, TIDAL, FM Radio, Sound Recorder, Videos, etc.
Price: $68.88

Screen Size: 4 Inches
Memory Storage Capacity: 80 GB
Battery Life: play 20 hours with Bluetooth earbuds, 35 hours with Wired earbuds, and 5-6 hours of video watching

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5. innioasis MP3 Player with Bluetooth and WiFi

Combination of Local and Streaming Music - INNIOASIS G1 is not only a local mp3 player with Bluetooth, but also a streaming music player. The device comes pre-installed with many of the most popular online music Apps, including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon music, Apple music, etc.
Price: $79.99

Screen Size: 4 Inches
Memory Storage Capacity: 80 GB
Battery Life: Play 15 hours (Bluetooth earbuds) - 25 hours (Wired earbuds) of music or 4- 5 hours of video

Or get 160 GB version for $89.99.

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6. PECSU MP3 Player with Bluetooth and WiFi

PECSU P5S Bluetooth MP3 player supports custom installation of streaming music apps through browser. It comes pre-installed with three offline music apps and many popular online music apps, including Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.
Price: $64.99

Screen Size: 5 Inches
Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB
Battery Life: play music for about 15 hours (test under wired headphones) or video for about 5 hours

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7. Luoran MP3 Player

Luoran MP3 Player comes preloaded with many of the most popular Spotify, Amazon Music, HiBy Music and AIMP Music. It is compatible with most music formats including but not limited to MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG, M4A, AAC, WMA, MP2, etc. and offers various song categories such as Title, Folder, Artist, Album, and more.

This is a music player designed for children, easy to set up parental control. The digital player does not allow the installation of additional applications, thus preventing children from installing inappropriate applications. In addition, you can uninstall pre-installed applications (including browsers) that you do not want your child to use.
Price: $49.99

Screen Size: 4 Inches
Memory Storage Capacity: 8 GB
Battery Life: 50 hours music playing time

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8. Sony Walkman NW-A306/B

It is a great music player for people who are looking for outstanding clarity. It has Android functionality, which allows you to install Spotify and enjoy streaming music. The battery runs long hours, but so does the charging.
Price: $298

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Don't be upset if you don't have the above Spotify compatible mp3 players. Here we will show you a way to play Spotify music on any mp3 player that you have.

Part 2 Play Spotify on any MP3 player

spotify on mp3 players

You can’t enjoy Spotify music on ordinary mp3 player such as SanDisk directly since Spotify app is not available on these devices. Even if you are a Spotify Premium user, you can’t transfer downloaded Spotify songs to the mp3 player since they are DRM protected. However, if you can remove DRM from the Spotify songs and convert Spotify to mp3 format, you can then transfer music from Spotify to any mp3 player you have.

After comparing several Spotify to mp3 converter , here we strongly recommend you Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter , a powerful Spotify DRM removal tool that allows you to batch convert Spotify songs, albums and playlists to mp3, m4a, etc. with 100% original quality and all ID3 tags.

Follow the detailed tutorial below to learn how to remove Spotify DRM and convert Spotify music to MP3 to enjoy on any MP3 players.

Step 1: Import songs or playlist from Spotify to Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Download, install and run Ondesoft Spotify Converter. Log in your Spotify account in the built-in Spotify web player.

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drag&drop spotify songs

Step 2 : Choose output formats

Open Settings windows to change output format, quality, output folder, output file name, how output organized and interface language as you like.

spotify to mp3

Step 3: Convert Spotify music to mp3

When finish the above settings, click the Convert button to start converting Spotify music to MP3.

convert Spotify music

After the conversion, click below folder icon to quickly locate the DRM-free Spotify songs.

add Spotify music to MP3 player

Step 4: Listen to Spotify music on your MP3 player

Now you can connect your MP3 player to the Mac/Windows and transfer the DRM-free Spotify songs. After that, listen to the Spotify music on your mp3 player, such as iPod shuffle , iPod nano , iPod Touch 5 and earlier , Sony walkman , Sandisk, etc. anytime you want.

Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter
Download Spotify music to MP3, M4A, etc. with either free or premium account.

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