Free Download Spotify++ on iOS and Get Spotify Premium FREE

Hello, I love Spotify but I can't afford the $10.99 per month subscription fee. There is Spotify free but it's very inconvenient on phones and tablets - I can't play songs on demand. Is there any way to remove the ads and play songs on demand on mobile with Spotify free? Can I get free Spotify premium?

2022.9.30 Updated: Currently Spotify++ is not available on TweakBox, we will keep this updated.

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TweakBox spotify++

Part 1 What is Spotify++

Spotify++ is the tweaked version of the Spotify app which bring Spotify premium features for free. It allows you to play any song on demand on mobile and there are no ads. It’s developed by a third-party developer and you cannot download it from the App Store like you can do with normal apps. You can download it from AppValley (https://appvalley.vip) , TweakBox (https://www.tweakboxapp.com) . Here we will show you step-by-step instructions on installing Spotify++ from TweakBox. If you want to install it from AppValley, check here .
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Part 2 How to install Spotify++ from TweakBox

First, you need to install TweakBox. If you have installed it, jump to Step 4.

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari and go to TweakBox’s Home Page ( www.tweakboxapp.com ). Click Install Now to install TweakBox app to your iPhone.


Step 2: Click Allow.


Click Close.

Spotify++ from appvalley

Step 3: Go to Settings - Profile Downloaded.

Tap Install.

Tap Done.

Step 4: Now TewakBox is successfully installed to your iPhone. Open it.

Tap APPS - Tweaked Apps.

Find Spotify++ and tap it.

Tap Install.

After Spotify++ is installed, tap to open it, you will get below notification. Click Cancel.

Go to Settings - General - Profiles & Device Management.

Tap Shanghai P&C....

Tap Trust...

Now run Spotify++ again and tap the green Thanks button.


Tap Your Library - Account, you will find you have gotten a PREMIUM account.

You can play any songs on demand and there is no ads.