Top 7 most popular Spotify Visualizer you can try

July 6, 2022 Updated

Music visualization, a feature found in electronic music visualizers and media player software, generates animated imagery based on a piece of music. A music visualizer works by extracting waveform and/or frequency information from the music and feeding this information through some display rules, which produces what you see on the screen. The Spotify visualizer software starts by analyzing the waveform and frequency information in the audio, and it looks best as a screen saver.

It would be cool to have a music visualizer that syncs with music that's built into Spotify. A Spotify visualizer was implemented in the desktop version of the app a while ago. Just type in the top left search bar spotify:app:visualizer and a Spotify visualizer app should appear for you. Then for some unexplainable reason, it got removed. Since Spotify is one of the best music streaming softwares, the one thing Spotify lacks is a live Spotify visualizer that either allows full screen album artwork or abstract visuals that go along with the music. Fortunately, there are so many third-party music visualizer softwares in the market now. Here we will list you several Spotify Visualizer you can try.

spotify on ipod

Part 1 Online Spotify Visualizer

1. https://kaleidosync.herokuapp.com

https://kaleidosync.herokuapp.com/ is created by itsappleseason and posted in reddit. Open the Spotify visualizer in your browser and you will be asked to log in your Spotify account. Then play songs in your Spotify app and the visualizer begins. The visual is somehow simple.

2. https://tessellator.herokuapp.com

https://tessellator.herokuapp.com is also a web-based free to use 3D Spotify music visualizer. The inspiration for Spotify Visualizer came after a Christian Löffler set in SF. It works the same as the previous visualizer. Open it in your browser, log in your account, play any Spotify songs. The main difference of Tessellator is that it displays images with three-dimensional objects, from pyramids to curved surfaces, creating quite special effects. It is worth a try. However, it requires Spotify premium.

Part 2 Spotify Visualizer for Mobile

1. Spectrum

Spectrum is a Music Visualizer for Android and iOS. In the free version, you'll see the app's watermark, banner ads, and full-screen ads after playing a song or after a certain amount of time has passed. And only some of the content is available. With the Premium version, you won't see watermarks and ads, and all the content is available.

Part 3 Rainmeter Spotify visualizer

  1. Go to https://www.rainmeter.net to download and install the latest version of Rainmeter.
  2. Download Rainmeter visualizer from https://rainmeter-skins.com/ or https://www.deviantart.com/rainmeter/gallery/23941137/Skins.
  3. Double click the downloaded zip file to install the visualizer to Rainmeter.
  4. Launch your Rainmeter and then choose the visualizer you want.
  5. Play Spotify music.

Part 4 Powerful third-party music player with visualizer

Actually, many music players have visualizer feature. If the music player you like has visualizer feature, you may consider useing it to play Spotify songs. Here we will introduce you several music player with visualizer.


Since its very first version, iTunes has had a visualizer, a built-in light show that you can use to play trippy animations while you listen to music. A quick press of two keys triggers the visualizer: while listening to music, just press Command-T, and sit back and watch the show. After converting Spotify music to mp3, you can then import the DRM free Spotify songs to iTunes and then enjoy then with visualizer.

Turn on visual effects: Choose View > Visualizer > Show Visualizer.

itunes visualizer

itunes visualizer

2. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, the default player that comes preinstalled with Windows operating systems comes with visualizations. Click the "Switch to Now Playing" button in the lower-right corner and then click "Play" to play a song. Right-click any open space on the media player, select "Visualizations," highlight a collection category and then click the visualization to use.

itunes visualizer

3. VLC

Audio visualizations is a also available in VLC while playing audio files. From the VLC Menu click on Audio > Visualizations and then select a visualization. You can also select visualizations by right clicking while your audio is being played. From the right click media go to Audio > Visualizations and select a visualization. The default available visualizations are Spectometer, Scope, Spectrum, Vu Meter, Goom and ProjectM. They all have their own style. Switch between them and select the one you like.

itunes visualizer

Other music players with visualizer feature include AIMP , Winamp , foobar2000 , Media Monkey and more. However, you can't use them to play Spotify songs directly. As we all know that Spotify music are protected by DRM and the format of Spotify music is Ogg Vorbis.

To play Spotify songs on third-party music player with visualizer feature , you need to convert Spotify songs to MP3 format and remove DRM protection from them. Ondesoft Spotify Converter is designed for downloading and converting any Spotify songs, albums or playlists to MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC with 100% original quality. Wit

h Ondesoft Spotify Converter, you can play Spotify songs anywhere, anytime without any limitations. The following tutorial will show you how to use Ondesoft Spotify Converter to download DRM free songs from Spotify .

Step 1 Run Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Download and install Ondesoft Spotify Converter on your Mac or Windows. Before you run it, please make sure that you have installed the latest Spotify on your computer. Then launch Ondesoft Spotify Converter, Spotify will be launched automatically.

Step 2 Add Spotify songs

Find the songs you want to convert, then drag the song, album or playlist to the main interface of Ondesoft Spotify Converter. Or you can click the Add Files button, copy and paste the url of the song to the search box on the bottom of the program. Click the Add button, then songs will be added to the conversion list.

spotify to USB converter

drag&drop spotify songs

Step 3 Change Output Settings

Click the Options button, you will find the song artwork, title, artist, duration and output format on the pop up small window. The default download format is mp3. It also supports downloading Spotify Music as M4A, WAV, FLAC. You can also change bitrate, samplerate according to your needs.

spotify song format

Step 4 Start Converting

Click the Convert button to start downloading and converting songs. Wait for a few minutes, you can find all converted songs by clicking the History button. Then you are able to play them on any third-party music visualizer softwares.

record Spotify music

After the converting, you can get the DRM-free Spotify MP3 songs by clicking the Folder icon. Now you can transfer the songs to above music player and enjoy the songs with visualizer.

add Spotify music to imovie

Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter
Download Spotify music to MP3, M4A, etc. with either free or premium account.

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