How to get rid of Spotify shuffle mode without Premium?

Many people love Spotify but the shuffle thing is just really annoying. Spotify shuffle is not so intelligent that it may repeat a handful of songs before all songs in the playlist are played. This is frustrating to many people. Shuffle mode in iTunes shuffle mode works great, but you can play Spotify song with iTunes since they are DRM protected. Is there any way to play Spotify songs with iTunes or other music player with better shuffle experience?
Well the answer is yes. With Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter , you can easily download Spotify music as DRM-free MP3 or M4A with 100% original quality, then you can transfer them to iTunes library and shuffle play them with iTunes or any other music player you like. You can use Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter to download DRM-free Spotify music with both free and premium subscription.

This tutorial will show you how to convert Spotify music to MP3 /M4A to play with iTunes for better shuffle experience.

Step 1 Download, install and run Ondesoft Spotify Converter.

Log in your Spotify account, whether free or premium.

spotify converter

Step 2 Add Spotify songs to Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Drag Spotify songs, playlists, albums you want to convert from Spotify app to the interface directly. If you are using Spotify web player, click the Add Files button and copy&paste the link to the left bottom area. Then click the Add button to import all Spotify songs you’d like to convert.

drag&drop spotify songs

3. Set output settings (optional)

Click the Options button to change the output folder, output format, bitrate or sample rate. The default output format is MP3. You can also select M4A,WAV and FLAC according your needs.

spotify song format

Step 4 Start the conversion

Click the Convert button to start converting Spotify music.

remove Spotify DRM

When the conversion finishes, click the History button, you will find all converted DRM-free songs.

transfer Spotify music to itunes library

Step 5 Transfer Spotify songs to iTunes library

Now you can transfer the converted Spotify songs to your iTunes library or other devices for better shuffle play without any restrictions.

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Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter
Download Spotify music to MP3, M4A, etc. with either free or premium account.