2020 Best DRM Music Converter Review

Nowadays we have many channels to enjoy music. You can purchase songs from iTunes Store, subscribe to music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music etc. or listen to CDs. However, these music streaming services always have many limitations. Uaually they add DRM to the music they provide which limits the usage of the songs.

DRM audio here refers to music and audiobooks that are DRM protected. All songs offered by the iTunes Store now come without DRM protection, but songs purchased before 2009 and audiobook from iTunes Store are still protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). These protected purchases can only be played on authorized computer, iOS or Apple TV. As a music streaming service, Apple Music allows you to stream the catalog of 40 million songs and download 100,000 songs to your library, but the songs are DRM protected and you can only play them with iTunes or Apple Music app. Many people love to purchase audiobooks from Audible , but failed to play them on MP3 players. Spotify as another popular music streaming service with over 30 million songs and free subscription. It also adopts DRM to protect the songs so free subscribers can't save songs for offline listening. Although premium subscribers are allowed to download music, they can only listen to the offline songs with Spotify app. In short, DRM prevent people to enjoy the audio files freely, no matter they are using iTunes, Apple Music, Audible or Spotify. To break DRM protection, professional DRM audio Converters are needed.

DRM music from different sources requires different DRM music converter. This article will introduce you 4 music converters for you to convert DRM music from iTunes, Apple Music, Audible and Spotify music .

iTunes Music/Audiobook Converter

Songs purchased from iTunes Store before 2009 and iTunes audiobooks are all DRM protected. Thus you can only play them on authorized computers, iOS and Apple TV. To remove DRM from these drm protected audio files you will need Ondesoft iTunes DRM Audio Converter .

Convert iTunes DRM-protected Music/Audiobook to MP3

Step 1: run Ondesoft iTunes DRM Audio Converter and iTunes will be launched automatically.

The interface is shown like this:

Remove DRM from iTunes music

Step 2: Check DRM protected songs and audiobooks you want to remove DRM from.

Remove DRM from iTunes music

Step 3: Click Convert button to start. Sit back and let Ondesoft iTunes Converter do all the rest. After conversion, you can find all DRM-free music and audiobooks in the output folder.

Remove DRM from iTunes music

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music is a popular music streaming service. You pay a flat fee to unlock access to Apple Music's entire catalogue, but you don't actually own the music you listen to. You can't play the songs anywhere outside iTunes or Apple Music app. To remove the DRM from Apple Music and then play Apple Music without limitations, you will need Ondesoft Apple Music Converter , which records streaming Apple music tracks at 16x speed and output DRM-free MP3, M4a, etc. with 100% original quality and ID3 tags.

How to convert Apple Music songs, albums and playlists to MP3?

Step 1: Add Apple Music songs, albums or playlists to iTunes Library first. Run iTunes converter and the interface is shown as below:

Apple Music Converter interface

Step 2. Click songs, albums or playlists you want to convert.

Apple Music Converter

Step 3. Click Convert.

drm Apple Music Converter

Audible DRM Audiobook Converter

According to Audible website, you can transfer Audible audiobooks to an MP3 player or non-Apple device with Audible Manager installed on Windows. What if you don't have a Windows? An Audible audiobook converter is what you need. It allows you to batch convert Audible DRM protected audio books to unprotected MP3 or AAC files with ID tags and chapters preserved. The conversion is 16x fast.

How to convert DRM-protected audiobooks to MP3? Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Download, install and run Audiobook Converter . All your audiobooks in iTunes Library are displayed on the interface.

audiobook converter interface

Step 2. Check audiobooks you want to remove DRM from. Choose output format from

choose audiobook

Step 3. Click Convert button.

remove audiobook drm

Spotify DRM Music Converter

Tracks from the Spotify catalogue can only be played on devices that can install the Spotify application. Such as Windows & Mac computers, or smartphones. To listen to Spotify music outside Spotify app, you will need Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter . Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter strips off the DRM from any Spotify song or playlist, and keeps original quality of the audio. After removing DRM, you can enjoy Spotify music anywhere without Spotify app.

How to convert DRM-protected Spotify music to MP3? Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Download, install and run Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter . Drag songs, albums or playlists you want to remove DRM from Spotify to the interface.

spotify converter

Step 2. Choose output format, set bitrate and samplerate if you like.

spotify song format

Step 3. Click Convert button to remove Spotify DRM.

remove Spotify DRM