How to block Spotify ads without premium

As one of the world’s most popular online music services, Spotify offers free ad-supported tier. You don't need to pay for the music streaming service if you can bear the ads. However, if you want to get rid of Spotify ads, the most simplest way is to subscribe to the premium, which costs $9.99 per month.

As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Spotify had 406 million users, including 180 million premium subscribers, across 184 markets. More than harf of the users use Spotify free.

Besides Spotify premium, are there any other ways to block ads on Spotify? The answer is yes. There are some Spotify ad blockers for you to block Spotify ads without paying a fee to Spotify premium.

Option 1 Use Spotify ad silencing app

Mutify for Android is the best Spotify ad muffler app you can get. It's completely free and works in the background. Whenever Mutify detects that an ad is playing on Spotify, it will help you automatically turn down the volume of the ad so you can sit back and enjoy listening to your favorite music without worrying about those annoying ads. Mutify is able to launch Spotify automatically.  Lets you hear ads at reduced volume instead of complete silence.

mute Spotify ads

Option 2 Use Spotify MOD app

If you don't want to pay for the premium, there are some tweaked Spotify premium application like Spotify++. Millions of people blocked Spotify ads on iOS and Android using this method. However, they are not safe.
Install Spotify Premium Cracked app on iOS
Get Spotify Premium mod apk for free

The new Terms and Conditions , which go into effect on March 1st, will give Spotify the authority to terminate accounts immediately, without warning. Spotify began cracking down by disabling accounts when the company detected abnormal activity.

Option 3 Use a VPN

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to a country where Spotify streams fewer ads or just select the country whose language you don’t know. The shortcoming is that some songs may not be available in that country. In fact, it's very easy to use a VPN to block or at least limit the number of ads you hear on Spotify. In fact, the process shouldn't take more than two minutes.

Here’s how to block ads on Spotify:

  1. The first step is to sign up with a reputable VPN provider. We especially recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Login to the VPN app and connect to a server in another country. This will change your IP address and make Spotify believe you are streaming from another location.
  4. Open Spotify and select your preferred playlist. Depending on the country of the VPN server you're connected to, you may now hear fewer ads.
  5. Still hearing too many ads? Try one of the other methods listed further on in this post.

Option 4 Google Chrome extension

If you listen to Spotify from the online web player, there are some Google chrome extensions for you to remove or mute Spotify ads. check Spotify Ads Remover or Spotify Ad Silencer.

Option 5 Use music converters to block Spotify ads

You can block spotify ads by downloading Spotify songs to mp3 with third-party tool and then play the songs locally. As you have downloaded Spotify songs to MP3 format, you can play them on any PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices without ads. All you need is a free Spotify account and a powerful Spotify Music Downloader - Ondesoft Spotify Converter.

Ondesoft Spotify Converter is a powerful music downloader that allows you to easily download music from Spotify without premium. Follow below steps to download Spotify music to mp3 on Mac and Windows. Before we get started,

Then download, install Ondesoft Spotify Converter on your computer.

Step 1 Add Spotify music to Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Run Ondesoft Spotify Converter, click the Add Files button on the upper left. You can simply drag and drop songs, playlists or albums from Spotify app to the interface or copy&paste relevant links from Spotify web player to the search box. Click the Add button.

spotify to USB converter

drag&drop spotify songs

Step 2 Customize the output settings

The default output fotmat is mp3. Click Options if you want to change it. You can also customize the bitrate or sample rate as you need.

spotify song format

Step 3 Start Converting

When finish the customization, click the Convert button to start the conversion.

record Spotify music

After the converting, you can get DRM-free Spotify music by clicking below folder icon.

add Spotify music to imovie

Step 4 Play converted Spotify music without ads

Now you can play the Spotify songs anywhere you want offline without annoying ads.