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Mac Clipboard history manager

The standard clipboard operation is that when you copy a new item, it replaces the existing one. You can’t go back to the previous item as there is no history of items copied. This is what Clipboard history manager does, providing a memory and browsing history so you can store something, and then find it later, even after using the clipboard multiple times. This meant that more data could be moved in less time.

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Clipboard history manager will keep a log of every word or image that you copy to the clipboard, and let you use selected clipboard item anywhere you want. You will never lose a piece of information again. Two view modes for you to choose: full or mini. Click the triangle button to reduce the mini mode once again.

Mac clipboard history manager
clipboard history manager on Mac
clipboard history manager for Mac

Clipboard history manager provides a simple, unobtrusive stream of your clipboard activity. Reduce ClipBuddy to an icon sitting on menu bar so it can do all the work backstage and leave your desktop free for other work.

Mac clipboard history manager

Since clipboard history can be a integral part of many people’s productivity, it is really convenient for you to choose Ondesoft ClipBuddy.

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