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How to use FoneClean?

Ondesoft FoneClean allows you to erase iOS data permanently with no chance of recovery and free up more space for your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Download and install it on your Mac. Once opened, it will ask you to connect your iOS device via usb cable.

iphone cleaner

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod and it will be detected.

Ondesoft FoneClean offers 3 options: 1-Click Free, Erase All Data and Erase Private Data.

Part 1 1-Click Free

1-Click Free allows you to free up more space for your iPhone/iPad/ipod. Here you can delete junk files, temp files, photos(and videos), large files and apps.


Click Quick Scan to see how many space you can free up.

Click the Clean button to the right side of Junk Files and you will see what will be deleted. Click Remove if you want to delete them.

delete junk files

You can also delete certain photos, videos or apps. Click Export to save them on your Mac before deleting if you like.

delete photos

Delete apps in batch.

delete apps

Part 2 Delete All Data

Before selling your iPhone/iPad/ipod or giving it to other people, you need to erase all data from the device. Ondesoft FoneClean provides the most secure way to delete all data from iPhone/iPad/iPod.

erase all data

Part 3 Erase Private data

You use your iPhone/iPad/iPod every day. It has gathered your many private information before you notice it. To prevent your personal information from being stolen, you'd better delete them periodically.

Manually deleting them from your iPhone/iPad/ipod is not safe since they can be easily recovered later most probably by cybercriminals. To delete your personal information completely with no chance of recovery, use Ondesoft FoneClean.

FoneClean allows you to thoroughly delete below personal information. Once deleted, no recovery tool can bring them back.

erase private data

Part 4 Erase Fragments

Fragments are not cookies, cache or messages but the incomplete leftover of data that entails high privacy exposure risk. 3rd-party apps constantly store incomplete fragments which cause your privacy get compromised. Ondesoft FoneClean allows you to permanently and completely erase all private fragments from third-party apps.

erase app fragments

Click Erase Fragments - Scan. Make sure you have disabled "Find My iPhone".

erase  third-party app fragments

After scanning, click the third-party apps that you want to erase fragments from and then click Erase Now.

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