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iOS System Recovery

Version 1.0.0

For Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.15

Ondesoft iOS System Recovery

Ondesoft iOS System Recovery allows you to easily fix all iOS/iPadOS/tvOS problems by yourself. Bring your iOS system to normal. No matter what iOS problem do you meet: balck screen, white screen, stuck on Apple logo, stuck in Recovery Mode, Stuck in Spinning Circle, won't turn on, Boot Loop, restore failure, update failure, etc. this reliable iOS system recovery software will help you fix them without data loss.

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Fix most iOS/iPadOS/tvOS Problems by yourself

Ondesoft iOS System Recovery can fix most iOS system issues without quality loss, such as:

  • iPhone/iPad stuck in Recovery Mode
  • iPhone/iPad stuck in DFU Mode
  • Stuck on the Apple logo
  • Disabled screen
  • iPhone/iPad won't turn on
  • Boot Loop
  • Bricked or Frozen issue
  • iPhone keeps restarting
  • More iOS Problems


iOS System Recovery

Powerful iOS System Recovery Software

  • If Standard Mode can't fix your iOS issue, then use Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode is able to fix all kinds of iOS/iPadOS/tvOS problems. However, the price is that it will erase all data on the device.

iOS System Recovery

Enter & Exit Recovery Mode With One Click

Still struggle to put your iPhone/iPad in recovery mode by pressing volume down, volume up and the power button? Ondesoft iOS System Recovery makes it easy to enter and exit iPhone recovery mode with just one click, and your data will be preserved perfectly.

iOS System Recovery

100% Secure /Easy to use

Ondesoft iOS System Recovery's on-screen instructions will guide you through the necessary steps to fix your iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues and bring your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV to narmal. You won't even loss any data with the Standard Mode. It will protect your privacy.

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What our customers say about Ondesoft iOS System Recovery

My iPhone X can’t get out of bootloop, thanks to Ondesoft iOS System Recovery, I have fixed it by myself. It's super easy.

My iPhone has stuck on the Apple logo for more that 3 hours, finally I found Ondesoft iOS System and it worked like a charm.

Ondesoft iOS System Recovery

Fix all kinds of iOS issues by yourself

Is Ondesoft iOS System Recovery safe?

It’s 100% safe and clean, absolutely no risk of info or data leak.

How can I get my iPhone out of recovery mode?

When your iPhone got stuck in recovery mode, connect it to your Mac and click Standard Mode on Ondesoft iOS System Recovery. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

What is Enter/Exit Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode allows you to restore your device using your computer. However, the steps are complicated to enter Recovery Mode. Ondesoft iOS System Recovery allows you to put your iOS or iPadOS device in recovery mode with just one click.

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