How to capture application window with Ondesoft Screen Capture for Mac?

How to use screen capture? It's easy! Here is a step-by-step tutorial for your reference.

1-1. Download and install screen capture for Mac, run it on your Mac.

1-2. Open the window that you want to capture on Mac and then click

on the interface or use tray icon
to select it. Also you can use hotkey Alt+Command+W . If you are using this function for the first time, the application will ask you “Do you want to enable Scroll Capture?” Scroll Capture Function allows you to capture any scrolling window by just one click. We strongly recommend you press “Enable Scroll Capture”. Then you can capture both scrolling window and regular window .

1-3. Move the cursor to the window you want to capture. The selected window becomes bright and surrounded by blue lines while the rest is dim. Then click the selected window, and you will get the screenshot.

capture application window on mac

For scrolling window you want to capture, arrow appears within the window. Press relevant arrow to Capture Horizontal Scrolling Area, Capture Vertical Scrolling Area, Capture Entire Scrolling Area or Set Scrolling Speed . Press Capture Current Selected Area to grab the area you can see other than the entire window.

capture scrolling window

scrolling window capture

Tips: To capture all windows, just click
or use tray icon
to select it . The generated windows list will be previewed as thumbnail. Select one or more windows you need by pressing “Snap”. In addition, you can choose to preview “visible windows” or “all windows” or filter certain windows according to letter or symbol.

capture all window on mac

1-4. Preview the captured window at capture panel and edit with some handy tools like drawing attention with arrows and colorful shapes, adding textual comments and etc. Pencil editor is also supported.

1-5. Then preview the modified screen shots, you can save it to the default path or the output file which you select.


  • Capture rectangular: Alt+Command+R
  • Capture ellipse: Alt+Command+E
  • Capture arbitrary: Alt+Command+A
  • Capture selected Window: Alt+Command+W
  • Capture all windows: Alt+Command+L
  • Capture full screen: Alt+Command+S
  • Capture full screen with countdown timer: Alt+Command+T
  • Show full screen: Alt+Command+V
  • Esc: Exit capturing.