Full Screen Capture Mac

Nowadays, screen capture software is becoming more and more popular especially with the booming of information times. Images with comments, annotations and highlights are more powerful than language explanations.

So how to find a simple, easy yet full-featured screen capture software has been indeed a big problem for most of us.

We recommend you to download and evaluate our screen capture for free. With features like quick toolbars, tray icon and hotkeys, you can easily capture full screen, shape frame, objects or all windows with just one click. Powerful editing functions is also a main feature of Ondesoft Screen Capture . This full screen capture software has a simple interface. It is a breeze for anyone to use no matter your computer background.

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Now, let's see what Ondesoft Screen Capture can do for you.


As the main purpose of the screen capture tool, it has a vast range of screen capture methods available to you, including:

  • Rectangle, ellipse and freehand capture
  • Menu or submenu grab
  • Window or all window print
  • Full screen capture
  • Video game screen grab
  • Complete web page captures
  • Capture square or circle screenshots
  • Capture from multiple monitors


Advanced screen capture software should offer everything you need to control over the image that you capture.

  • Square and ellipse tool
  • Text annotation
  • Arrowed lines
  • Adjustable font size and color
  • Freehand drawing
  • Redo/undo
  • Zoom in/zoom out/real size
  • Move screenshots

Assistance to capture screenshots

  • Countdown timer
  • Screen magnifier
  • Preference settings
  • Shortcut key settings
  • Quick toolbar
  • Tray icon
  • Filter
  • Quick share or upload to clipboard or website