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An accessible Clipboard history for Mac

Do you need to do numerous copy-and-paste jobs everyday? You may be disappointed about Mac Clipboard since it stores only one snippet at a time. If you need to transfer lots of snippets via Mac Clipboard, you'll copy, switch programs, paste, then go back to the original program and copy the next snippet. This is extremely boring and time-consuming.

We provide you a perfect solution - Clipboard history for Mac - a professional clipboard history manager for Mac featuring the following enhancements.

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Main Clipboard history for Mac functions

Store clipboard history on Mac
Clipboard history for Mac will automatically store all text and images you copy and cut in their original formats, allowing you to re-use the snippets at any time.

Group, sort and search the clips
To help you manage thousands of clips efficiently, Clipboard history for Mac allows you to navigate through the clipboard by offering convenient grouping, sorting and filtering of the clips by title, size, date, and sourceApp.

For certain programs only
Don't want to record the copy-and-cut history of specific programs? Very easy! Clipboard history for Mac can limit its storing function by exclude certain applications. You can always get what you want!

Edit your clips
Both the title and content of each clip can be modified. Change text case, remove line breaks, find and replace simple words or multiline text.

Creative paste
Paste with original format or remove all formatting and paste information as plain text to any application that allows text entry. Initiate superpaste function to achieve different effects and simplify your work.

Save a large clip
Clipboard history for Mac is designed to create a clip of your every copy or cut operation. Sometimes you may want relevant information saved to one clip. Then two options for you to choose: unite as many existing clips as you like or create a united clip first and then copy numerous text or images to it.

clipboard history for Mac

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