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How to view clipboard on Mac

Many of us are often copying and pasting various information, and then forgetting to save it. Then copy something else and lose what stored in the clipboard before. Is there some sort of built-in way to view the history of the clipboard, or do we have to install a program?

There is exactly a built-in way to see what's on the Mac Clipboard - In the Finder, go to Show Clipboard, under Edit. But this Clipboard only shows the current clip - the most recent thing you have copied or cut. To save multiple items that you have placed in the clipboard and be able to paste them again later, you may want to check out Ondesoft ClipBuddy, which is a truly essential clipboard viewer for your Mac. The powerful memory allows it to create a backup for anything you copy to the clipboard. Try Clipboard viewer and you may soon find that work can be so simple and funny. It's the perfect choice for anyone who does lots of copying and pasting jobs.

Now free download and install trial version of the Clipboard viewer on your Mac.

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The truly essential Clipboard viewer you want

With simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface and hotkeys setting, Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac enables you to use it smoothly and efficiently.

You may be anxious about another question: this little tool store thousands of items, but how to find the one I need? Don’t worry! ClipBuddy won’t let you down since it is equipped with mighty inquiry system. The visualization query is very friendly with users, for it allowing user to select scope, title, content, sourceapp, format, time range and source URL for web page texts.

Mac clipboard view

Show clear and powerful view of Mac Clipboard

Store and scan text, images and any data you have saved to the clipboard on Mac in the past.

Set directory tree properties to manage your clips.

Preview and edit contents of each item, including case conversion, removing line breaks.

Paste stored contents to anywhere you need as-is or as plain text.

Find qualified clips immediately with the powerful search function.

Initiate SuperPaste to achieve personalized pasting function.

Find and replace specific words quickly and precisely.

Change view mode according to your preference: mini or full, each with great visual effects.

Make it work behind the scenes or front and center.

Control the program with the convenient toolbar icon, no matter how you choose to view the program.

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