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How to save Mac clipboard history

Mac clipboard history automatically saves all your cutting and copying history from any application as clips with detailed information including title, date, size, and source, even URL for Internet texts. This powerful utility is designed to store files permanently and find what you need quickly.

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The interface is shown as below:

Mac clipboard history

Mac clipboard history main features

Mac Clipboard history
Mac clipboard history automatically saves any clipping you make, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of digital work.

User-friendly interface
Switch view mode between mini and full, mini window is more convenient for your operation, also you can choose to let Mac clipboard history work on top or backstage. Transparence can be adjusted according to your preference.

Neat and capacious directory
Add numerous trees as brother or child with distinguishable names and personalized capacity.

Intelligent searching system
Choose the location and type in one or several options including title, contents, sourceApp, format, date, and source URL of the item you want to find, the qualified outcome will appear immediately. Use queries to locate information so that you can view, modify, or use it in various ways.

Two pasting modes
Want to paste with the formats accompanied or as plain texts? Mac clipboard history always meets your demands. Two pasting styles are designed for you to choose.

Paste several clips one by one in loop or merge as many  clips as you need without any punctuation.

Unite clips
Two or more clips can be put together with a simple click to get a complete one.

Case conversion
Mac clipboard history provides a magic function totransform between capitalized and lowercase texts. Five patterns are designed: lower case, upper case, mixed case, sentence case and invert case. You will find one that suits your text most.

Remove line breaks
Spaces between lines can be deserted to get more compact version.

Find and replace
A word, phrase, or clause such as names and phone numbers may appear several times in one clip, modifying them one by one will be so troublesome. Don’t be upset. Open Find and Replace dialog box and all works become so easy. Set new texts to substitute the existing text, then Mac clipboard history will replace them for you with high speed and preciseness.

System-wide hotkeys help to select and paste clips to other applications conveniently.

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