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A powerful clipboard for Mac Office

The evolution of the Mac clipboard has come since people always have new demands. Copying and pasting have made our work definitely easy for we don’t need to type word after word. However, the current clipboard only remembers the current copying or cutting or pasting operation. Sometimes we are eager to find where and when and what we have copied, however we have no idea. ClipBuddy gives you access to all information you have copied long time ago. It does more than Mac office clipboard since it stores and manages all operations related to copying and cutting. You can find what you want here. So that’s why Mac office clipboard has become a necessity.

Download and install Ondesoft ClipBuddy to update your Mac office clipboard.

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Mac office clipboard supports all applications that work with the Mac clipboard. The irresistible charm of ClipBuddy lies in its marvelous capacity to store huge amounts of data and high accuracy and speed of search.

Mac office clipboard provides plenty of user customizable features. View modes, transparence, display modes, blocking applications, tree property and self-designed clip names, to name just a few.

Accompanied by two view modes: mini and full, full mode is the default showing four windows, while mini mode only displays the List window. List window records all clips with clear descriptions including title, createkey, date, size, and sourceApp. As to texts copied from web pages, ClipBuddy automatically remembers the “URL” which is so convenient for users to revisit the page and scan the source.

Transparency is one of those personalized properties that make ClipBuddy a user-friendly program. Choose perfect transparency degree so it doesn’t interfere with other applications.

Mac office clipboard is always there when you need it, and never in your way. Click Edit menu and choose mode of the existence including “Always on top”, “Normal” and “Auto Hide”.

As to specific applications you don’t want to record the copying and cutting history, block window is designed to exclude these applications. Even ClipBuddy itself can be blocked.

Large capacity database ensures powerful storage capability. Simple and clear tree - type directory structure enables you convenience of management. New trees are added as child or brother with customizable maximum.

The default title is the first few words of each item, but you are free to change it by right clicking the item and choose “Rename Title” or click “Rename Title” on the Edit menu.

Mac office clipboard will be no doubt one of the most used and useful applications on your Mac.

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