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How to paste from clipboard

Imagine such a situation, you cut a huge chunk of text somewhere and then copied something else so now couldn't get the huge chunk back. No previously backed up versions because it was saved over the original version. Is there any way to get it back? This is really difficult but often happens. Once you install and run Ondesoft ClipBuddy on your Mac, this bad thing will never upset you. Pasting any item from Mac Clipboard history is available since Ondesoft ClipBuddy is designed to store all text or images that you've cut or copied. Contents can be pasted to word, excel, iChat, etc. for future use. The goal of ClipBuddy is to provide quick, convenient and direct access to your clipboard's history. So you can locate and paste them from ClipBuddy. You will never lose a piece of clipboard data again!

If you want or need to paste contents that you copied or cut before from Mac Clipboard, download Ondesoft ClipBuddy and have a try. It is really an excellent clipboard extender for Mac.

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This clipboard is accompanied by plenty of features including detailed information of each item, concise and manageable tree directory, quick search function, personalized settings, changeable view mode, etc.

paste from mac clipboard

ClipBuddy provides powerful text-editing function: such as changing text case between five formats, removing line breaks, finding and replacing specific words, or uniting two or more clips into a bigger one.

Pasting your clippings from clipboard can be done either with the original formatting or simply as plain text when you want to format the text yourself. This is really powerful. Choose as many clips as you want and paste all to the destination just one click.

SuperPaste function will bring you different experience. Two options for you to choose: loop and part. They can work either separately or in conjunction. Multiple clips can be pasted in a loop and punctuations will be omitted thanks to the part option. Then you can paste various forms of text from your clipboard.

You won’t experience the wonderful effect until you try.

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