How to clear Facebook cache on iPhone?

Every time you use the Facebook app, it is saving cache to your iPhone. The cache contains various traces of information and files. It is designed to speed up the time it takes for Facebook app to load pages. It is much faster to display information stored directly on your iPhone, but over time the catch can take up a lot of space and slow down your iPhone. If you find out that your iPhone runs slowly, especially when you open the Facebook, then you need to clear Facebook cache. Uninstalling the Facebook app can not delete all hidden cache. Since the cache also contains your private data, you need to clear the cache permanently.

An effective way to clear all Facebook cache on iPhone without deleting the app is using the most complete and in-depth clear tool - Ondesoft FoneClean . It can automatically scan all third-party apps in your iPhone and display all cache data. Then all hidden cache and fragments will be completely and permanently removed by Ondesoft FoneClean. The erased cached can not be recovered by any softwares. You can follow the steps below to clear Facebook cache.

Now Let’s follow these steps below to clear Facebook cache from iPhone.

Step 1 Download and install Ondesoft FoneClean on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

clear Facebook cache

Step 2 Click the Erase Frangments button, then click the Scan button. Ondesoft FoneClean will start to scanning your iPhone for hidden files.

clear Facebook cache

Step 3 When the scan process is complete, select Facebook, and click the Erase Now button to clear all Facebook cache on your iPhone.

clear Facebook cache

Step 4 After Ondesoft FoneClean clear all Facebook cache, you will see the complete window and your iPhone will restart automatically.

clear Facebook cache