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How to clear Twitter cache on iPhone?

Twitter for iPhone has manual clearing features built into the app, offering a way to delete data stored within the app. It allows you to remove media storage by choosing Clear Media Storage. However it doesn’t work with the hidden Twitter cache. Twitter and other apps in your iPhone often leave some cache and fragments behind. These 3rd-party apps constantly store cache and incomplete fragments which cause your privacy get compromised. In order to erase all cache permanently and protect you from the risk of privacy leaks, you should use Ondesoft FoneClean.

Ondesoft FoneClean is the most effective and convenient tool to clear caches on your iOS devices. Besides that, it can also help you erase all junk files and settings on your iPhone with only 1 click. It completely erases all sensitive data, no hacking tool can recover the data erased by Ondesoft FoneClean. Now, let’s see the detailed steps.

Now Let’s follow these steps below to clear Twitter cache from iPhone.

Step 1 Run Ondesoft FoneClean on your computer and connect your iPhone to computer.

clear Twitter cache

Step 2 Click the Erase Fragments button, then click the Scan button to analyze and scan your iPhone.

clear Twitter cache

Step 3 After scanning, you will see the cache data for each app. To clear Twitter cache, select Twitter and click the Erase Now button. Then Ondesoft FoneClean will automatically clean up all Twitter cache and free up space.

clear Twitter cache


clear Twitter cache










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