How to erase all content and settings on iPhone?

Whether you want to sell or gift your iPhone to someone else entirely, you first need to make sure you have erased all content and settings from your iPhone. Erasing all content and settings will protect your personal date, social media accounts, financial information, etc. On iPhone, go to Settings and tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, it will force your iPhone to recovery mode. Then your iPhone should be plugged into iTunes and restored. The whole process will take a long time, sometime multiple hours. However, it is not completely safe because some third party recovery tools still can repair your iPhone data and files. There is a much easier way to erase all content and settings from your iPhone. You can use a third party eraser - Ondesoft FoneClean , and it can promise that the erased data can not be recovered with any tools. Ondesoft FoneClean is the best software to erase all content and settings permanently from iPhone. Ondesoft FoneClean offers Erase All Data feature, so that you can permanently erase all data on iPhone, iPod and iPad by one-click, including all apps, photos, videos, messages, call history, safari cookie/cache/history, notes, etc. It can also be used to clear junk files and temp files when you want to free some space and increase the performance. After Ondesoft FoneClean erases, you have a clean device to start over with or sell. The following guide will show you how to erase all content and settings from iPhone completely.

Step 1 Install and run Ondesoft FoneClean on your computer. Connect the iPhone to the computer. A few seconds later, the device should be recognized by the program.

Step 2 Select Erase All Data, and click the Erase button. It will start the erasing process.

Step 3 When the process is done, the program indicates that erasing is completed. After your iPhone restarts, all your personal information has been removed permanently.

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