How to delete message on iPhone?

iPhones often run out of storage space. When you check the current storage usage, you will find pictures and videos take up the most space, followed by some useful apps and then messages. After you have read and replied messages, these messages are disposable and ready to be deleted. You may need to delete messages if these messages contain sensitive and private information. Deleting messages from your iPhone manually seems like a pretty simple task, but deleted messages aren’t completely erased from your iPhone. There is a high risk that embarrassing and private messages you deleted may be recovered by some third party tools. So, whether you want to clear sensitive messages or get rid of storage, you should make sure that all messages are deleted completely and permanently. In order to avoid deleted messages being recovered, you can use Ondesoft FoneClean to completely erase messages on your iPhone.

Ondesoft FoneClean has many features useful for all iOS device users, and one of its features is to remove messages. Beside deleting messages, it also allows you to clear other personal data, like photos, videos, calls, cookies, cache, history, etc. It will surely get these files permanently deleted, and they can never be recovered once you delete them. Ondesoft FoneClean is one of the most highly recommended tools, as it is the most user - friendly program and is very easy to use. If you want to delete messages from your iPhone permanently, follow these steps:

Step 1 Download and install Ondesoft FoneClean. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable. Launch Ondesoft FoneClean, then it will find your iPhone automatically.

iphone cleaner

Step 2 Choose the Erase Private Data tab, click the Scan button, then Ondesoft FoneClean will start to analyze your iPhone.

erase iPhone message

Step 3 When the scanning process is finished, a list of all private data will be shown. Click the Messages tab, you can preview all messages and select messages that you want to delete.

Step 4 Click the Erase Now button to delete the select messages. After the process completed, you have permanently delete messages from your iPhone.

delete message on iPhone