How to delete search history on iPhone?

You may find that some apps in your iPhone store a surprising amount of history and sensitive information automatically, such as Safari, Chrome, Spotlight, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, and so on. From where you last visited, to latest calls and texts, even your credit card numbers are on your iPhone. You are able to delete history and data from Settings. But it is not completely deleting them. Sometimes when you surf the internet or enter the password, the search history keep showing up. The search history can reveal private information and takes a lot of your storage space. For these reasons, it is important to permanently and completely clear the search history to free up more space and protect privacy. In this article, we learn how to delete all search history from your iPhone with a simple process.

This guide will introduce you an all-in-one cleaning tool - Ondesoft FoneClean, which helps you to erase messages, contact, call history, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies, junk files, temp files, etc. All erased content can not be recovered. It is the best tool for saving your iOS space and protecting your privacy. The following step-by-step guide will show you how to completely delete search history on iPhone with Ondesoft FoneClean.

How to use Ondesoft FoneClean to delete search history in iPhone permanently?

Step 1 Download, install and run Ondesoft FoneClean on your computer, then connect your device with the computer via USB cable.

iphone cleaner

Step 2 Select Erase Private Data, and click the Scan button then Ondesoft FoneClean will start scanning all your history files.

erase iPhone search history

Step 3 When the scanning is over, all history will pop up. Select the history files that you want to clear, then click the Erase Now button to delete all data permanently. After the erase finished, you will not see these history files on your iPhone any more.

delete search history on iPhone

How to delete search history manually? (Recoverable)

The following ways can be used to clear visible history, but the deleted history files can still be recovered by data recovery tools. To delete all visible and invisible history from your iPhone completely, we suggest that you use Ondesoft FoneClean.

1. Tap on Settings > Safari.

2.If you don’t want your Safari information to appear in search, lookup or keyboard, you can switch off the Search and Siri Suggestions on this screen.

3.On the Safari Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom. Tap on “Clear History and Website Data” to remove all the history and website data.

clear cookies on Safari