How to wipe an iPhone?

Your iPhone stores tons of private and sensitive information. When you want to sell, repair or give your iPhone to someone, what can you do? You should wipe your iPhone and remove all the sensitive information from your iPhone. You don’t want others to discover your personal photos, calls, accounts, financial info or other data, so you need to do all the following: delete all saved passwords and data from social media apps, online stores, browsers; sign out all accounts from iTunes, App Store and iCloud; unpair all iOS devices and remove all cards. Even you wasted time to do these things one by one or wipe your iPhone by Factory Reset, you are not sure that all content is erased completely and permanently. Your iPhone data and files are still possible to be recovered with some third party tools. Want to wipe your iPhone completely and the iPhone can not be recovered by others? Then you need the help of a powerful tool - Ondesoft FoneClean .

The main features of Ondesoft FoneClean include 1-Click Free Up Space, Erase All Data and Erase Private Date. The Erase All Data feature allows you to delete any data on your iPhone, like photos, videos, calls, messages, cookies, cache, history, etc in a few minutes. The deleted content is 100% unrecoverable. After Ondesoft FoneClean wipes your iPhone, you will get a fresh device without any personal information. Here are some detailed steps on how to wipe your iPhone effectively by Ondesoft FoneClean.

Step 1 Download , install and launch Ondesoft FoneClean on your computer. Connect your iPhone with the computer via its USB cable.

Step 2 Select Erase All Data and click the Erase button. It will start erasing your iPhone automatically.

Step 3 After the erasing process, it will restart your iPhone and you will see the complete message.

erase all data