How to Unlock iPhone Passcode?

If got a second-hand iPhone which has passcode, don't worry, here we will show you how to bypass the passcode.

Use FoneUnlocker to unlock screen passcode

It's very easy to bypass the iPhone passcode with Ondesoft FoneUnlocker.


1. Run FoneUnlocker

Download, install and run Ondesoft FoneUnlocker on your Mac or Windows. The user-friendly interface contains detailed instruction, click below Unlock Screen Passcode.

iphone unlocker

2. Unlock Screen Passcode

Here lists the iPhone/iPad/ipod passcode issues can be solved by Ondesoft FoneUnlocker. If you are facing one of the below issues, click Next.

unlock screen passcode

Select your device model and then follow the on-screen instructions to put your iPhone/iPad/iPod in recovery mode. Then click Next.

enter recovery mode

Click Download button to download the latest firmware package, which is required to unlock screen passcode. If unluckily the download fails, click Copy Link button and then paste to browser address bar to download the Firmware Package through browser. After downloading, click Select to locate the package.

download firmware package

It take a while to download the package depending on your network speed.

download firmware package

After downloading, click Start button to unlock the screen passcode.

download firmware package

Please read below warning terms and click the check box. Then click Start Unlock.

remove screen passcode

Then the screen passcode removing process begins. Wait a few minutes and the passcode will be removed.

unlock screen passcode

When you see below window, the passcode has been erased from your device successfully. The device is unlocked. It will take a few minutes to restart your device. After that, you can set us your device from start.

remove screen passcode