How to fix iPhone stuck in Boot Loop

"I have an iPhone 5s that's gone into a boot loop. It won't go into safe mode and force restarting isn't helping. I don't want to reset or restore it because I have a lot of things on the phone I don't want to lose (pictures of dead pets, relatives, record of work hours that haven't been paid yet, health issues, appointments etc) that I could really do without losing."

Do you have the same confusion? Read below and learn how to fix iPhone boot loop without losing any data.

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has gone into a boot loop, Ondesoft iOS System Recovery is the fastest and most effective way to break boot loop and bring your iOS device to narmal. Besides boot loop issue, Ondesoft iOS System Recovery makes it very easy to fix various iOS issues, and most of all, you will not lose any data on the device.

1. Run Ondesoft iOS System Recovery

Download, install and run Ondesoft iOS System Recovery on your Mac or Windows.

fix ios issue

2.Connect your iPhone to this computer and then click Standard Mode, which is able to fix boot loop issue. Standard Mode will not erase your iOS data.

Click Standard Mode and you will see below:

fix ios issue

Click Download button to download the Firmware Package.

fix ios issue

After the download is complete, click below blue Start button to fix the issue.

fix ios issue

It may take a few minutes.

fix ios issue

After the process, you will see the notice that the boot loop issus is fixed and your iPhone/iPad is able to turn on.

fix ios issue