FAQ of W3capture

1. Which kind of files can be converted by w3capture?

W3capture is able to convert any webpage, html, htm files on your Mac.

2. What output formats does w3capture support?

Browse Mode supports 2 output formats PDF and PNG; Batch Mode supports 5 output formats including PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP file.

3. What if I need to convert webpage that requires login?

You can use Browse Mode to convert webpage that requires login. It is very easy. You can also check our tutorial to get the most of it.

4. Does it support batch conversion?

Yes. Batch Mode works this function well. You can add as many as URLs or Files as you like. Batch Mode will convert your multiple webpages or files at the same time in seconds.

5. What are the limitations of w3capture trial version?

You can use w3capture's trial version for 15-day evaluation with all features available.

6. w3capture can't work on Mac, how to solve it.

Please send your problem to [email protected] , our support team will solve it for you.