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List Window Functions

List window shows detailed information about each clip. This information helps you to find specific clips immediately. As to items coming from Internet, Clipboard for Mac will record the "URL" clearly which brings you great convenience to revisit the page and find the original information.

mac clipboard list window

1. Create

Click to create empty clips. You may type in whatever you want. Clipboard for Mac will save them for you.

2. Unite

Two or more items can be combined to a bigger one. Two ways for you to choose:
Method 1:Select all items you want to unite and right click them to choose "Unite Clip(s)" or click on the toolbar to merge these clips together. The new united clip is named "Append ClipBoard 3items" automatically since I unite 3 clips. Of course you are free to rename it.
Method 2:Or you can select one clip and press to create a new empty clip, then click other clips or press again after typing or coping contents to it, contents have been saved to this append clip.

mac clipboard unite

3. Delete

Click to delete one or more useless items or right click the selected items and choose "Delete Selected Clip(s)".

4. Rename

The title can be renamed as you like by right clicking the original name. Or choose "Edit" – "Rename title".

mac clipboard rename

5. Export Clips

Right click any clip and choose Export Clips to export any text clip to .rtfd file or image clip to image file, supporting JPG, PNG and BMP format.

export clips

6. Send clip in Mail

Right click any clip and choose Send Clip In Mail from the pop-up menu, the content in the clip appears in the body of the email automatically, both text and image.

send clip in email

7. Capture screen

Click "Edit" - "Screen Capture - Area" or "Screen Capture - Screen" to capture any area or the whole screen if it's difficult to copy and you want to save it. ClipBuddy automatically saves the screenshot as a clip.

8. Open Link or Search in Google

open link

9. Paste

Clipboard for Mac not only records information you have cut or copied, also makes pasting them more conveniently to anywhere you need them, such as word, excel, QQ, iChat, TextEdit etc. It provides two modes:

Paste clips with format

Select items that need to be pasted and click  or using keyboard shortcut “CTRL+SHIFT+Vthen the contents are showed to the destination in sequence with formatting intact.
The original text in the TextBrowser window:

Funny name, great functionality.

The pasted result is like this : Funny name, great functionality.

Paste clips as plain text

In some cases you may not want the formats of the source text, then click  or choose shortcut “CTRL+ALT+V” to paste as plain texts. It is really amazing.

Here is the result : Funny name, great functionality.

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