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ClipBuddy V2.10.26 released!

Updated on 11/08/2013

  • Fully compatible with Mavericks.

ClipBuddy V2.10.4 released!

Updated on 09/04/2013

  • Fix the bug that when plaintext is pasted when pasting rich text with hotkey.
  • Fix the bug that sometimes ClipBuddy appears in the wrong place in the Command-Tab Application Switcher.
  • Improve the basic operation in the TextView window such as copy, paste, cut, undo, and redo.
  • Add sounds panel - users can set notification sounds for copy and paste operations.
  • Fix the bug that text copied from Word can't be edited.
  • Add close button to the History Browser.
  • Support setting arrow keys as hotkeys.
  • Support regular expression search.

ClipBuddy V2.10.1 released!

Updated on 04/16/2013

  • Users can select "Black and White" menu bar icon.
  • Full Retina support.

ClipBuddy V2.02.2 released!

Updated on 03/13/2013

  • Fix the bug that start abnormally in occasional case.

ClipBuddy V2.02.1 released!

Updated on 01/29/2013

  • Kept registration panel alwasy on top.
  • Fixed the bug that causes the program to quit unexpectedly.
  • Fixed the issue that the program failed to run if the config.xml file is corrupted.

ClipBuddy V2.01.5 released!

Updated on 01/08/2013

  • Support syncing ClipBuddy database with Dropbox
  • Support hiding dock icon
  • Set the maximum of any node or never limit the capacity
  • Fix the bug that images can't be shown in ClipBuddy when text and image are copied together

ClipBuddy V1.92.5 released!

Updated on 11/23/2012

  • Capture rectangular region or full screen and automatically save as clips.
  • Shorten URL.
  • Export clips to separate TXT files or image to JPG, PNG and BMP.
  • Import DB files.
  • Send clip in email directly.
  • Clip History under the menu bar icon will save all the clips when the application was last closed.
  • Make ClipBuddy automatically backup data Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

ClipBuddy V1.65.3 released!

Updated on 10/19/2012

  • Default active node – clips will be saved to InBox node automatically when you copy something with ReadOnly node selected.
  • Add several apps – ClipBuddy ignores clips from these default apps.
  • Some changes of the interface.

ClipBuddy V1.64.5 released!

Updated on 10/11/2012

  • Fix the bug that ClipBuddy will crash when you delete clips with SearchResult selected.

ClipBuddy V1.64.4 released!

Updated on 10/10/2012

  • Fix the bug that ClipBuddy will crash when you copy with SearchResult selected.
  • The registration window will still appear even the trial period has expired.

ClipBuddy V1.62.24 released!

Updated on 8/14/2012

  • Fully Mountain Lion compatible and properly signed with our developer ID for Gatekeeper.

ClipBuddy V1.62.12 released!

Updated on 8/02/2012

  • Add Open Link function - open the website from ClipBuddy directly.
  • Support Search in Google function - allow you to instantly search the text of their clipping through Google.
  • Block certain nodes if you don’t want to add clippings to them when you are still copying.
  • Up to 200 latest clippings can be shown under the icon on the menu bar and allow you to choose whether to paste with formatting or not.
  • Powerful History Browser - show all clippings of the current tree node in an easy to use visual panel - quickly find want you want and easy to paste.
  • New hotkeys - all these new features can be accessed from fully customizable hotkeys.


ClipBuddy V1.07.2 released!

Updated on 5/07/2012

  • SuperPaste Function brings you more convenience.
  • Three view modes for you to choose.


ClipBuddy V1.06 released!

Released on 4/18/2012

  • Customize hotkeys as you like.
  • Populate a block of records with sequential dates just by clicking on the column heading to help you manage them clearly. The dates will be in the format mm/dd/yyyy.


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