1. How many kinds of rulers can they display?

A horizontal and vertical ruler can be used independently or simultaneously. In addition, a diagonal ruler, diagonal double rulers, and protractor ruler can be used.

2. What units do the rulers measure?

They can measure length of objects quickly and precisely on your screen in Pixels, Inches, Picas, Centimeters and angles in angles and radians. In addition, you can customize units as you need them.

3. What features do Ondesoft rulers have?

1)The rulers can be displayed as horizontal, vertical, diagonal ruler or their groups and protractor ruler.
2)Direction key control and Detail window for precise positioning.
3)Right click on the ruler, it will display some shortcut settings.
4)Right click on the rotation key control, the rulers will be back to horizontal location immediately.
5)Logger Window with memo for saving results.
6)With Detail window, rulers can be located to cursor’s location precisely by key shortcut (Alt+ O).
7)Rulers can be extended according to your need (unlimited length).
8)Customizable settings of transparency, length and angle units, magnification, background and foreground lines color.
9)The rulers can float above other application windows.

4. Is your online order form secure?

Yes, it's 100% secure!

5. I am a registered user, but I have lost my registration code, must I pay it again?

No, you needn't. Please click here to send an email to us for resending it. Please include the following information in the email for locating your order record from our database. Order ID Email address used in the order Full name used in the order Address used in the order Order date.

6. My registration code is invalid?

(1) Please make sure the reg-code matches your program version Register old version program with your old reg-code or upgrade your program with your updated reg-code.
(2) Please use copy & paste to input your name and code to avoid mistakes. The name should be your credit card name.

7. I lost my registration code! What to do?

Please try our LostKey Page to get back your reg-code.The LostKey Page link is: http://www.ondesoft.com/lostkey.html .

8. I lost my program! What to do?

Please go to our website, download a newest version trial http://www.ondesoft.com and register it again with your reg-code all the trial limitations will be removed.

9. My program is an old version. How to upgrade?

Two steps to upgrade (The upgrade is free)
(1) Go to our website, download a newest version trial http://www.ondesoft.com.
(2) Use Key Page to upgrade your reg-code The LostKey Page link is: http://www.ondesoft.com/lostkey.html .

10. I have changed my e-mail address. What to do?

Please inform us of it. Tell us your old e-mail (or your order ID) and your present address. We’ll change it for you.


Easy, powerful accurate virtual screen rulers.