Screen Ruler for Mac

Ondesoft Screen Ruler was dedicated to measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever.
When you are measuring a variety of dimensions, you may eager to record the results clearly. Ondesoft Screen Ruler provides you a Logger window, which will solve all your problems.

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About the Logger window

The interface of the Logger window is brief and clear.

mac screen ruler logger window

Whenever you want to log a measurement, click the “Add” button or use “Command +A” and the result is written down conveniently.

mac screen ruler add result

Meanwhile,memos with your description can be added to distinguish the data .

Save the data

You are allowed to save the results to a .txt file so you can use them even if you quit the Ondesoft Screen Rulers.

save mac screen ruler result

screen ruler result save

Your outcome from Ondesoft Screen Rulers as below:

mac screen ruler results


  • Data can be added, removed or cleared all.
  • Multiple measurements are organized simply and effectively in the Logger window with customizable memos.
  • All measurements can be saved to a txt file.