Online Ruler for Mac

How to measure online dimensions quickly and precisely? You need a professional and easy -to-use measuring tool.
We introduce such a measuring software for Mac users - Ondesoft screen ruler for Mac , which is currently the fastest and easiest online ruler to measure the dimensions of any object from Mac desktop, provides accurate measurements with Detail Window and record all results with the Logger Window after finishing measuring.

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Main screen ruler functions:

  • Online measuring tool to measure the dimensions of any objects on your Mac.
  • Ability to measure diagonals just using the magic diagonal ruler.
  • Measure angles in radians or degrees or your designed units with the easy protractor.

Features about screen ruler:

  • User-friendly interface
    Concise but powerful main interface. It is easy and funny to learn and use this online ruler.
  • Changeable units
    Four units for you to measure length: pixels, centimeters, inches, and picas and two units for angles: degrees and radians. Plus, you can define your own units as your preference.
  • Screen magnifier
    Detail window provides a magnifier for more precise results and specific RGB color values for any selected pixel.
  • Store measurements
    Logger window serves as your personal notebook to store all the detailed measuring data history.
  • Six ruler shapes
    Switch among Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Double, Diagonal double, and Protractor ruler to satisfy diverse demands.
  • Preferences setting
    Options in the Preferences Panel allow even more customization of the Basic Setting, Length Unit, and angle Unit.