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Scale Ruler for Mac

Tired of converting measurements from the real 1:1 scale world to the actual size? Ondesoft Screen rulers can be used as a normal ruler in 1:1 scale mode or alternatively can be used to measure scaled drawings or maps with customized units and magnifications.

Before using the scale ruler option , it is important to know the scale of the drawing or item that is being measured. Once the scale of the drawing has been ascertained, add a new unit and fill the correct scale in the “Multiple” tab. For example, 100000 on the “Multiple” is in fact a scale that converts 1 ”new unit” on the drawing to 100000 ”new unit”.

Scale Ruler for Mac

Then measure graphics or maps like using a traditional ruler on your Mac; the only difference is that you can read the actual size immediately, no need to calculate again.

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As a web designer, I can say that Ondesoft screen rulers is by far the best measuring program I have ever found to measure objects or angles accurately and conveniently.

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