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How to measure an angle with Ondesoft Rulers

1. Choose the "Protractor ruler" menu item, and the main interface will be displayed as below
mac protractor ruler
2. Open the ruler, you can do some settings as below.

> Left click on the Degree to determine unit or right click on the Mac screen ruler to change the units.
> Left click on the to make it float on top the window or right click on the ruler to choose "stay on top".
> Right click on the ruler you also can customize angle, transparency and etc.
> You also need to open the Logger window for recording result. As shown below
protractor ruler on mac

3. Then select the item you are going to measure. Use the base line to match a ray of the angle. The button and Detail window can help for precise positioning.

4. The number displayed when measured line matches another ray of the angle is the result that you want.

5. After the measurement is completed, use (Command+A) to record the result in the Logger window. You can write memo to illustrate.
protractor ruler for mac

6. Switch among Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal and their groups and Protractor ruler by shortcut key control as you need.

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One of the best online measuring tools that I have ever been used. It does the job of measuring objects and angles very accurately. It indeed helps me a lot with my graphic job. Great program!

Fillips from Germany

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