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How to convert YouTube to wav?

Many people want to listen to YouTube on their phone, tablet or mp3 player without loading the video, so they ask if there is any way to download audio files from YouTube? The answer is yes.

Ondesoft Audio Recorder is designed for you to rip audio files from YouTube video in multiple formats. This tutorial will show you how to convert YouTube video to wav audio files.

There are online websites that allow you to convert YouTube to mp3, wav, etc. However, you can only convert a video at a time. Well, with Ondsoft Audio Recorder you can convert 4 YouTube videos simultaneously. Or you record music from YouTube and other websites at the same times. The music will be saved to separate audio files and won’t interfere each other.

When you convert multiple YouTube video to audio with these online website, you have to copy links again and again. While with Ondsoft Audio Recorder, the recording continues as long as there is video playing. When the current video is over, play another video and the recording continues. Sometimes you may just want to record some audios to listen. With YouTube autoplay feature on, you can record relevant videos until you stop the video or hit the stop recording button on Ondsoft Audio Recorder interface.

Follow below steps to convert Youtube videos to wav audio files with Ondsoft Audio Recorder.

Step 1 Download, install and run Ondesoft Audio Recorder on your Mac.

Step 2 Choose WAV and click Record button.

If you play YouTube video with Safari, click on the right side of Safari icon and choose wav as output format. Then click the record button. If you play Youtube video with other browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, click Applications to add that browser to the interface first, then choose wav and click its record button.

record youtube audio as ringtone

Play the Youtube video that you would like to convert to wav. Ondesoft Audio Recorder will begin to record the video to wav.

Click to stop recording.

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