How to play Amazon Music on MP3 players

Many of us use our smartphones to listen to music, but maybe you don’t want to be tied to your phone all the time, or you might want to save your mobile data and battery while you’re out and about. Whatever the reason, today’s MP3 players are capable of storing your music library at a much higher bitrate than your 2009 iPod Shuffle ever could. Pair one of MP3 players with a pair of great headphones and you’ve got high-quality music that travels with you wherever you go. Amazon Music offers more than 100 million songs, HD Audio, impressive Amazon device compatibility, and a deep podcast well. If you're looking for an MP3 player for your Amazon Music library, you'll find it here.

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Part 1. How to Play Amazon Music on MP3 Player?
Part 2. How to Play Purchased Amazon Music on MP3 Player?
Part 3. How to Play Amazon Music on Any MP3 Player?
Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. How to Play Amazon Music on MP3 Player?

If you're looking for the ultimate convenience, an MP3 player compatible with Amazon Music might be the perfect solution. Here, we've selected the best MP3 player that work with Amazon Music, giving you a burden-free way to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go.

Astell&Kern(https://www.astellnkern.com/) is a South Korean company that focuses on creating some of the most popular DAPs (Digital Audio Players), CD players, headphones, and home cinema products on the market. A&K DAPs are known for their superior sound quality, often described as "iPods on steroids" for audio enthusiasts. Despite their advanced technology, A&K players are designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and tech-savvy listeners. Current generation Astell&Kern music players officially support up to 1TB microSD cards and consist of all Octa and Quad-Core series DAPs.

All Wi-Fi-enabled Astell&Kern players feature Tidal Music service built-in. Current generation A&K DAPs with OpenApp service allow you to install the Amazon Music app directly on the player using an Android APK file. This provides access to your Amazon Music library without needing a smartphone.

Astell&Kern players also supports other music streaming services including Apple Music, Audiobooks by Audible, Deezer, Last.FM, Pandora, QQ Music, Sirius XM, Spotify, Tidal, and more. 

Part 2. How to Play Purchased Amazon Music on MP3 Player?

Amazon Music allows you to purchase and download any Amazon Music song you want. The music you purchase is in unprotected MP3 audio format on your device. Then you can transfer purchased Amazon Music to an MP3 player with ease.

Download Purchased Amazon Music from Amazon Music Website:

1. Sign in to your account at music.amazon.com and go to Library > Music. 
2. Select Purchased to see all the music you've purchased.
3. Find the albums or songs you want to download, and then click Download next to it.
4. Choose Save if your browser asks whether you want to open or save one or more files.
5. Open the files once the download is complete. Most browsers display the status of your download on-screen and then give you an option to open it.
6. Files typically save to your browser's default "Downloads" folder. You can then move each of the music songs you've downloaded to the preferred location on your computer (for example: "Your Music" or "Music")

If you only selected one song, it downloads as a single .MP3 file. If you selected multiple songs, they are converted into one or more .ZIP files.

Amazon Music Converter

Download Purchased Music Using the Amazon Music for PC and Mac App

1. Select Library and click on Songs. Select Purchased to see all the music you own.
2. Click the download icon next to the song or album. You can also drag and drop songs and albums to the Download section under Actions in the right sidebar.
3. Music you have downloaded is saved by default to an Amazon Music folder on your computer. For PC computers, this folder is typically stored under My Music. For Mac computers, it is typically stored in the Music folder.

After downloading purchased Amazon Music, you can store them locally or import them to another media player, like iTunes or Windows Media Player, then transfer them to MP3 player. Connect your MP3 player to your computer through a USB cable. Locate your MP3 player, which is usually marked as a removable disc.

Find the folder that contains the purchased Amazon Music songs that you want to put into your MP3 player. Select the songs and drag and drop them into the MP3 player’s folder on your computer. After this, safely remove your device from the computer. Once you do this, you have successfully transferred music to your MP3 player.

Part 3. How to Play Amazon Music on Any MP3 Player?

The ways above require you to buy Amazon Music to download or you should have a portable MP3 player compatible with Amazon Music. If your MP3 player doesn't support the Amazon Music application, and you've subscribed to Amazon Prime or Music Unlimited service, Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter will help you convert any songs from Amazon Music to MP3, so that you can enjoy them on any MP3 player.

Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter is an excellent audio downloader for all Amazon Music listeners, available to download any Amazon songs, playlists, and albums to MP3/M4A/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF format, while keeping up to ultra HD output quality & complete ID3 tags. Following we will show you how to convert Amazon Music to MP3, and save it to an MP3 player without limits.

Key features of Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter

  • Download Amazon Music songs to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF
  • Download songs from Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime and Amazon Music Free.
  • Supports removing advertisements from Amazon Music Free.
  • Save ID 3 tags (artist name, song title, album, year of release, genre of the audio file) for better management.
  • Download Amazon Music songs to MP3 in up to 320 kbps or keep high quality with FLAC/WAV/AIFF.
  • Support batch converting.
  • Up to 10X faster speed to accelerate the downloading process.
  • Built in Amazon Music web player, no Amazon Music app needed.
  • Automatically archive downloaded songs by album or artist.

After getting the whole picture of Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter, now you can follow the steps below to download Amazon Music songs and save them as MP3 files.

1. Launch Amazon Music Converter

Download, install and run Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter on your Mac or Windows. It is available on Windows 7/8/10/11 and Mac OS X 10.11 or higher.

Amazon Music Converter

Click the Key icon to register it if you have purchased a license. If you don't have a license, go ahead with the free trial version.

Amazon Music Converter

2. Sign in to your Amazon Music account

In the built-in Amazon Music web player, click the Sign in button and log in to your Amazon Music account.

Amazon Music Converter


3. Change output format(optional)

Click the gear icon on the top right corner to open Settings, here you can customize the file format, bitrate and other output settings. And as for the file format, Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter offers 6 popular file formats, M4A, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. Here we recommend choosing MP3 as the output format.

Output File Name: name the songs with any combination of Title, Artist, Album, Playlist Index, Track Number. For example, if you choose Title and Artist, Tylor Swift's song Lover will be named as Lover Tylor Swift.mp3.

Output Organized: organize downloaded songs by Artist, Album, Artist/Album or Album/Artist.

Amazon Music Converter


4. Select music

Follow the on-screen instructions to open the playlist or album you want to convert.

Amazon Music Converter

Click Add songs(the red button). All songs in the playlist/album will be selected by default. Uncheck the ones you don't want to convert if there are any.

Amazon Music Converter

5. Download Amazon Music Songs to MP3

Now, you can just click on the "Convert" button and the program will start converting the selected Amazon Music playlist or songs to MP3(or the format you choose). When the whole conversion is finished, you can enjoy downloaded Amazon Music songs on any MP3 player without Amazon Music app.


If you have an MP3 player compatible with the Amazon Music app, you can directly access your Amazon Music library from the MP3 player. Amazon Music allows you to download purchased music as MP3 files, then you can transfer them to MP3 players for offline enjoyment. To enjoy any song offline on any MP3 player, Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter is the ultimate choice. This smart tool lets you download songs as MP3 files on your Mac or Windows computer, allowing you to play them on any MP3 player.

Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter

Ondesoft Amazon Music Converter
Download and Convert Amazon Music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc. on Mac&Windows