Build your own audio studio on Mac OS

Audio Recorder for mac

Ondesoft Audio Recorder is brand new software that allows Mac users to record soundtracks from just about anywhere. The Ondesoft Audio Recorder has a variety of unique features. It can record music, voice sound, or any audio from many different types of audio devices Like Mono Mix, CD Line-in, Stereo Mix and Microphone. All the user needs is a microphone with this application and they can be recording anything in no time.

It works with web pages and applications and can be used to record from a safari browser. The Ondesoft Audio Recorder is very easy to use. Just one click of the mouse can turn it on or off, which allows the user to record a whole sound track or just a snippet. There are several popular places that people can use this software for including a You tube recording, record I tunes or even record Skype. Now a user never has to miss their favorite recording. They just click their mouse and they can record whatever they like.

Another useful feature is the batch feature. This will allow a user to record from up to 4 web pages at a time. The device also allows the user to schedule recordings. The audio recording will commence automatically and stop according to the prescheduled timings. It includes adjustable profile settings, so that the user can get their ideal audio effect. Recordings can be saved to the user's hard drive in many different formats including MP3 and WAV. The recording will have all the traits of the original with no loss of quality. It can be stored on an MP3 player so that it can be played back at any time. Hotkey settings are also available to allow the user the convenience of control for pause, record, or stop when they are working in other programs.

Ondesoft Audio Recorder is the most up to date audio software of its kind and is a breakthrough in the world of audio and recording equipment. The user can record their favorite music or even make a soundtrack for a video. Recording is often one of the hard things to do for a video but Ondesoft Audio Recorder makes it easy and the user will always have a professional sounding recording.

Ondesoft is a company that specializes in Mac apps for or Mac users. They have been in the software business since 2004. Creating software is their business and their passion. Mac computers are unique and not every application will work with them but Ondesoft has made it their business to create software exclusively for the Mac computer.

Their future plans are to expand their products and offer the best audio recording and video recording software in the future to Mac users. Also, they are planning to develop a more creative software line Ondesoft Rulers