How to use Audio Recorder to cut off unwanted audio segment?

Ondesoft Audio Recorder includes edit function, this guide shows how to use it to cut off unwanted audio segments on a Mac.

1. Install and launch Ondesoft Audio Recorder

Follow instructions to install Ondesoft Audio Recorder on Mac and launch it after installation. The edit interface will display as below:

launch Ondesoft Audio Recorder for mac

2. Import recordings or audio files

Click on "Open" button to import recordings or audio files that you need to edit. Then you can play audios with the built-in player.

import recordings or audio files on mac

3. Trim off unwanted audio clips

Mark start time and end time of the audio segment where you would like to cut. For current version, only one clip is allowed to be selected at a time. You can only play the defined audio clip to check if you have marked correctly. If not, you can reset the audio clip. If yes, please press "Remove" to trim it.

trim off audio files on mac

With only easy three steps, you've got your personalized audio files. Download and try our audio recorder right now to enjoy more fun in your Mac world.