How to use Audio Recorder to record from device?

This guide shows how to use Ondesoft Audio Recorder to record from the device on a Mac.

1. Download and install

Download Ondesoft Audio Recorder application and install it correctly.

Audio Recorder for Mac

2. Add file

Add Device: Add the source audio device, such as Microphone, SPDIF-in. As shown below.

Record Audio from device on Mac

Setting Options : It includes sample rates, channel, files storing. You can customize these options for best audio recording to AAC, AIFF or WAV files.

3. Record file

Press the red Record button to start recording. Press the Pause button to pause the recording. Press the Stop button to end the recording.

4. Save file

After recording is finished, the file has been stored where you set previously. Then you can name the sound file.

5. Recording scheduler

Last but not least, the advanced recording scheduler gives you the power to schedule recording by setting the start and end times. It is so convenient.

Record Audio from device on Mac