Record from Firefox

Recording is the best solution for those music lovers who always download songs and hence waste a lot of money. So I recommend you a wonderful recording application on Mac. Once you get it, you nearly get the whole music world – since you can use our firefox music recorder to record firefox any sounds on the website, as long as you can play them in your browser, like Firefox. When you play music with Firefox, Ondesoft Audio Recorder for Mac will record them and then save to the designated output folder. Then you can listen to them anywhere you want. Sounds amazing, right?

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Ondesoft Audio Recorder can record from two different types of sources, applications and devices. If you want to record sounds from Firefox, you should choose the “Application” window.

Recording is so convenient

Your recorded files will be saved to the default location automatically. In addition, the application provides a toolbars with buttons for quick access to the recorded files:

Play: Allow you to enjoy the recorded songs.

Reveal: Enable you quick access to certain file.

Tips: From here, you can send the files to iTunes, right to an iPod, or burn them to CD. Now you can enjoy audio files anywhere you like!

Up and down: adjust the sequence of files.

Delete: Abandon useless files.

Once the recording starts, files will be generated automatically. Each with detailed information including file name, size, duration and create date.

Record Audio Flow From Firefox

Step1: Add Firefox application as the source in the main window.

Step2: Adjust settings such as output format, profile including codec, bitrate, sample rate and channels.

Step3: Click the red “Start” button to run Firefox. If your Firefox is already running, you may be asked to quit and relaunch.

Step4: In Firefox, play the sounds, when the stream is running the recording process starts. You can pause or stop the recording anytime.

Tips: When you pause and start again, no new file generated, the former recording continues, although they may be different songs.
If you stop and start again, there will be a new file.

record audio from Firefox on mac