How to record system audio with Ondesoft Audio Recorder?

Ondesoft Audio Recorder for Mac can capture all System Audio on a Mac. This guide will show you how to use Ondesoft Audio Recorder to record system audio on a Mac.

1. Download and install

Download Ondesoft Audio Recorder application and install it correctly. The System Audio source is added as default.

2. Play the sounds

Play the movie, music, video, whatever you want to record.

3. Record file
Press the red Record button in the System Audio row to start recording. All sounds on your Mac will be recorded . iTunes, Quicktime Player, Safari, etc. wherever the sounds comes, they will be recorded into one file.

record system audio

4. Save file
Press the Pause button to pause the recording. Press the Stop button to end the recording. After recording is finished, click to play or click to locate the recorded file.