How to play iTunes M4V movies on TV?

If you want to watch movies at home, smart TV can give you the best video experience than other devices. That’s the reason why we would like to watch movies on smart TV. You are able to stream any online/local movies to smart TVs without any problems. Watching iTunes movies on a large screen TV with high quality resolution can be a lot of fun. But you will find that you can not play iTunes movies on TV. Because iTunes movies are encrypted by DRM protection, it won’t allow you to play iTunes movies on non-apple devices. Don’t worry. This article will tell you how to remove DRM from iTunes movies and show you 3 easy ways to play iTunes movies on TV.

How to watch iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos on Android tablets/phones? Here are 2 ways:

Method 1. Watch iTunes movies on Apple TV.

What you need:

Apple TV



When you buy a movie from iTunes it is automatically stored in iCloud so you can access it from any device, including your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. So you’ll save much efforts on syncing iTunes movies to TV if you have an Apple TV on hand.

1. Open the TV app, either from the Home screen or by pressing the Home button on the Apple TV.

2. Select a movie from Up Next to continue watching it immediately. Alternatively, scroll down to What to Watch or one of the other TV and movie sections.

3.Click on your chosen show or movie. Click the Play button.

Method 2. Stream iTunes movies to HDTV via HDMI cable

What you need:

Apple's Digital AV Adapter
HDMI cable
TV with HDMI cable



Apple's Digital AV Adapter is perhaps the easiest and most straight-forward way to hook your iPad up to your HDTV. This adapter allows you to connect an HDMI cable from your iPad to your TV. This cable will send the video out to your TV, which means any app that supports video out will show up in 1080p "HD" quality. And like Apple TV, the Digital AV Adapter supports Display Mirroring, so even apps that don't support video out will show up on your television set.

You can also stream your movie collection from you PC to your iPad to your HDTV using Home Sharing. But it does not work with the original iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3. You will need to buy a Digital AV Adapter with a 30-pin connector for these older iPad models. This makes an AirPlay solution like Apple TV even better for these models.

Method 3. Watch iTunes Movies on TV via USB, DVD, Chromecast or uploading to media server like Plex

What you need:

Ondesoft DRM Media Converter
Blank DVD disc/USB/Chromecast



Apple encodes iTunes movies with DRM protection that prevents people from converting the movies or playing them on non-apple devices. iTunes will not allow you to burn or transfer movies. It seems that no method is available for movies which contain DRM. Thanks to Ondesoft iTunes DRM Media Converter , you can remove the DRM protection from both purchased and rented iTunes movies and transfer the unprotected video to DVD, USB, Chromecast…

As you can see, you need to get the iTunes DRM-free and convert iTunes movies to TV supported formats like MP4 etc. No matter you'd like play iTunes movies on TV via USB, Chromecast, DVD, or even uploading to media server like Plex, removing the iTunes movies DRM is always prior to everything. Ondesoft DRM Media Converter will help you to solve this problem. You can learn how to remove DRM from iTunes movies from the following steps:

Step 1 Download and install Ondesoft iTunes DRM Media Converter on your Mac or Windows. And then launch it.

drm media converter interface

Step 2 Click "add files" button on the upper left, and then you will find iTunes movies from iTunes library.

add m4v file

Step 3 Click "convert" button to remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V to MP4 with high speed. Ondesoft iTunes DRM Media Converter will preserve all original subtitles and audio tracks by default. You are free to select and preserve any one.

remove drm from iTunes movie

Step 4 After the conversion, click "history" button and you will find iTunes movies that are successfully converted by Ondesoft iTunes DRM Media Converter. Now you can transfer your movies to USB, CD, Chromecast or upload them to media server, then enjoy them on your TV freely.

remove drm from iTunes movie

iTunes Video Converter

iTunes Video Converter
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