Play local music with Alexa

Can Alexa play my local music? Many people ask this. Well, this is possible and super easy with My Media for Alexa, which lets you voice control and stream music from your home media collection to your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot device. Your media library stays local but become accessible to Alexa. It works with standalone media files but can also optionally integrate with iTunes if installed to allow Alexa voice control access to your local iTunes playlists.
It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Docker Image.

To begin, visit https://www.mymediaskill.com and click the Download link to install the My Media for Alexa app on the computer that contains your home media library or iTunes library.

Once installed, you will be asked to enter your Amazon credentials to link My Media with Amazon. Once you have done this, simply select the folders on your computer that contain your music collection, or alternatively select your whole iTunes library.

You can use voice commands like “Alexa, ask My Media to play music by Jessica Morris”, “Alexa, ask My Media to play the album 'Through the Valley'”, “Alexa, ask My Media to play some Classical music”, “Alexa, ask My Media to play my 'Recently Added' iTunes playlist”.

My Media for Alexa is not free but very cheap. Basic membership costs $5 per year and Advanced membership costs $10 per year. Click here for more details.

With My Media for Alexa, you can also play Spotify on demand with free account. All you need to do is download Spotify music to mp3 with Ondesoft Spotify Converter. Here we will show you how.

Download Spotify tracks to mp3 with either free or premium account

Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter is a professional Spotify to mp3 converter that helps you to download any Spotify songs, albums and playlists to mp3 without quality loss. The following guide shows how to convert Spotify music to MP3 only in 3 steps. Please make sure you have installed Spotify app on your computer.

Step 1: Download, install and run Ondesoft Spotify Converter on your computer.

spotify converter

Step 2: Import Spotify music to Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Drag&drop the song/album/playlist name or artwork from Spotify app to the converter. Or click Add Files, copy and past the song/album/playlist link to the bottom area. You will see all the songs on the interface, then click the Add button.

drag&drop spotify songs

Step 3: Convert Spotify music to MP3

After adding songs to the converter, you are able to customize the output settings by clicking the Options button. Select MP3 as the output format. Then click the Convert button, the converter will start to convert Spotify music to MP3.

remove Spotify DRM

When the conversion is done, click the History button, then you will find all converted Spotify songs. Transfer the songs to the folder you choose when you set My Media for Alexa. Then you can ask Alexa to play them to your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot device.

Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter
Download Spotify music to MP3, M4A, etc. with either free or premium account.

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