How to Play Apple Music on Amazon Devices

Unlike Spotify, there is no Apple Music app for Amazon devices. Luckily you can store music to the external drive and enjoy it on Amazon devices. However, Apple Music songs are DRM protected and can't be played on non-Apple devices (except for Android phones). To enjoy them on Amazon devices from the external drive, you need to remove DRM first. Then you can enjoy the DRM-free Apple Music songs on:

This article will show you how to remove DRM from streaming Apple Music songs and play them on Amazon devices, Kindle Fire, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV. The songs are still playable even after you cancel Apple Music subscription .

Part 1. Tool required to remove DRM from Apple Music songs
Part 2. How to remove DRM from Apple Music songs
Part 3. How to play DRM free Apple Music songs on Amazon devices
Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. Tool required to remove DRM from Apple Music songs

To remove DRM from Apple Music songs, we recommend Ondesoft Apple Music Converter.This smart tool allows you to easily download Apple Music songs, playlists, and albums to MP3, M4A, and other commonly used formats. Then you can store the downloaded songs to an external drive and transfer them to any supported device including Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire TV for offline enjoyment.

Apple Music Converter Introduction

apple music converter
  • Download Apple Music songs to MP3, M4A, etc.
  • 100% original quality and ID3 tags.
  • 16x fast conversion speed
  • Output format: MP3, M4A, AAC, AIFF,FLAC, WAV
  • Listen to Apple Music on any devices 

Part 2. How to remove DRM from Apple Music songs

1. Download and Launch Apple Music Converter

Download, install and launch Ondesoft Apple Music Converter on your Mac or Windows.

Apple Music Converter


2. Sign in to your Apple Music account

Click the Sign in button and enter your Apple ID.

Apple Music Converter


3. Change output format(optional)

The default output format is lossless M4A. Ondesoft Apple Music Converter also supports converting Apple Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. You can also customize the output file name with any combination of title, artist, album, playlist index and track ID.

apple music format


4. Select music

Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the playlist or album you want to convert.

Apple Music Converter

Click Add songs.

Apple Music Converter


5. Start Conversion

By default, all songs in the playlist/album will be checked. If there are songs you don't want to convert, please uncheck the box. Then click the Convert button to start downloading songs to the format you choose.

Apple Music Converter

After conversion, click the folder icon to quickly locate the downloaded songs.

Apple Music Converter

Part 3. How to play DRM-free Apple Music songs on Amazon devices

Use an external drive to transfer the downloaded DRM-free Apple Music songs to your Amazon devices and start listening!

Amazon Kindle Fire

Connect your Kindle Fire to a PC/Macintosh computer to transfer DRM-free Apple Music songs or store the songs to a microSD card.

Amazon Fire TV

Store DRM-free Apple Music songs on a USB drive or external HD.

Part 4. Conclusion

Even if there is no official Apple Music app on Amazon devices, you can still enjoy your favorite songs on Fire tablet and Fire TV. Use Ondesoft Apple Music Converter to download Apple Music to DRM-free MP3 files first. Then you can freely transfer the converted files to your Amazon devices.        

The free trial version of Ondesoft Apple Music Converter allows you to convert each song for 3 minutes. To remove the limitation, please purchase a license.

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter
Download Apple Music songs, albums, playlists to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF.

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