How to Extract Audio from iTunes Movies, TV Shows or Music Videos?

Sometimes it’s not convenient to watch your favorite movies, for example when you are driving, working or exercising. However, you can extract audio from the movie so you can listen to them again and again.

Here we will show you an easy way to extract audio from iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos so you can listen to them on any mp3-supported devices anytime. All you need is Ondesoft iTunes Converter.

Steps to convert Apple Music to MP3

1. Download and install Ondesoft iTunes Converter for Mac or Ondesoft iTunes Converter for Windows .

2. Ondesoft iTunes Converter automatically loads your entire iTunes library: Music, Movies, TV show, Audiobooks and playlists(including Apple Music playlists). Click Movies on the left colume and check the movies you want to extract audio from on the right area. Click TV shows or Home Videos to find relevant video files.

extract audio from itunes

3. Click Start Convert and soon you will get audio files extracted from the video files.

extract audio from itunes video

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter
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