4 Ways to Play Apple Music on Sonos

Aug. 24, 2023 Updated

Sonos has been synonymous with wireless speakers for more than a decade. Its ecosystem of audio products make listening to music at home really easy. Anybody could pick up their phone and stream music to a Sonos speaker. Sonos works with most popular music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and many more. (You can check out the full list of streaming services, here.) If you're Apple Music subscriber, you're going to love Apple Music on your speaker system: It adds a huge catalog of tracks and an excellent array of playlists, along with full access to your iCloud Music Library.

What is the streaming rate and streaming format for Apple Music on Sonos?
64kbps HE-AAC, 128kbps AAC, 256kbps AAC. Apple Music lossless audio and Dolby Atmos are not supported on Sonos, although it has rolled out support for Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos tracks from Amazon Music Unlimited on Dec 7, 2021.

There are 4 ways to control Apple Music on Sonos. For most Sonos devices, you can use the Sonos Controller app. If you use an Alexa-enabled Sonos speaker, you can ask Alexa to play Apple Music. With some Sonos devices, you can also use AirPlay to control Apple Music on your Sonos device .

1. Use the Sonos app

The most direct way is to play Apple Music on Sonos is via Sonos app. It’s easy but you have to add that Apple Music account to Sonos. Here’s a link for further set-up information.

iOS or Android:

  1. Open the Sonos app.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap Services & Voice .
  3. Under Music & Content , tap Add a Service .
  4. Tap Apple Music.
  5. Tap Add to Sonos .
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in your Apple Music account.

Apple Music Sonos

Mac or PC:

  1. Open the Sonos app.
  2. Under the Select a Music Source section, click on Add Music Services .
  3. Click on the service you would like to add.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the music service account.

Apple Music should now appear in the "Browse" section of your Sonos app, you can listen to the entire ‌Apple Music‌ catalog or your personal music library.

2. Use Alexa

If your Sonos is Alexa-enabled, you can ask Alexa to play your Apple Music songs on Sonos. To find out if Amazon Alexa is available on Sonos in your region, check this article.

1. In the Sonos app for iOS or Android, tap the Settings tab. Under Voice, select Services & Voice > Add a Voice Assistant (Add a Service in Sonos S1) > Amazon Alexa. When prompted, sign into your Sonos account.

2. After selecting Add to Sonos, you’ll see a list of your Sonos speakers that can be set up with a voice service. Choose the rooms you’d like to set up with the Amazon Alexa and then tap Add Amazon Alexa.

3. After selecting your speakers, tap Sign in to Amazon to be taken to the Amazon login page. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Amazon on your Sonos speaker. During setup, you’ll be asked if you want the Alexa chime to be on or off when you say “Alexa.” The chime is turned off by default, but you can change this option at any time. When prompted, select Go to Alexa app.

4. Link Apple Music in both Alexa app and Sonos app.

5. Return to the Sonos app and select I’ve set up my music in Alexa. You’re now ready to use Alexa with Sonos.

3. Use AirPlay

Utilize AirPlay on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to effortlessly stream Apple Music directly to your Sonos devices. Sonos supports streaming AirPlay 2 audio from any device listed in Apple’s AirPlay system requirements article.

Apple Music Sonos

From iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

1. Play music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2. Open Control Center.

3. Press and hold the audio card in the upper-right corner, then tap Airplay .

4. Select your Sonos.

From Mac

1. Open Apple Music on your Mac.

2. To the right of the volume slider in Apple Music, click Airplay .

3. Click the Sonos that you want to play the current audio to.

4. Play Apple Music on Sonos without subscription

With Airplay, you can not only Airplay songs from the Apple Music catalog, but also airplay songs stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and Mac . So if you can download Apple Music to mp3, you can then airplay them to your Sonos even after you cancel Apple Music subscription .

Ondesoft iTunes Converter is such an Apple Music to mp3 converter that allows you to download Apple Music songs to mp3, m4a, etc. with 100% original quality. Follow below steps and learn how to download Apple Music to mp3.

1. Download and Launch Apple Music Converter

Download, install and launch Ondesoft Apple Music Converter on your Mac or Windows.

Apple Music Converter


2. Sign in your Apple Music account

Click the Sign in button and enter your Apple ID.

Apple Music Converter


3. Change output format(optional)

The default output format is lossless M4A. Ondesoft Apple Music Converter also supports converting Apple Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. You can also customize output file name with any combination of title, artist, album, playlist index and track ID.

apple music format


4. Select music

Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the playlist or album you want to convert.

Apple Music Converter

Click Add songs.

Apple Music Converter


5. Start Conversion

By default, all songs in the playlist/album will be checked. If there are songs you don't want to convert, please uncheck the box. Then click Convert button to start downloading songs to the format you choose.

Apple Music Converter

After conversion, click below folder icon to quickly locate the downloaded songs.

Apple Music Converter


Sonos also makes it easy to stream your music library from any computer or network-attached storage (NAS) device on your network throughout your home. You can add up to 65,000 tracks. If you don't want to use Airplay or don't have Mac/iOS devices, you can use this way to play Apple Music on Sonos without Apple Music subscription .

Free trial version allows you to convert 3 minutes of each song, to get the full version, please purchase a license.

If you want to convert Spotify to MP3 , try Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter .

Besides, you can also play the DRM-free Apple Music songs on any device you like, such as iPod nano , iPod Shuffle , MP3 player , USB driver , iPhone 4 , etc.

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter
Download Apple Music songs, albums, playlists to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF.

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