How to add Spotify music to Instagram story

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The Music sticker 

How to add music to Instagram Stories?

Step 1 Tap Music sticker

Go to Instagram Stories by tapping the camera icon on the top left of your homepage. Once you’ve taken a photo or video, tap the Sticker icon at the top of the screen.

Tap the Music sticker in the middle of the screen.

Step 2 Searching for Music

Choose songs from For You tab or Browse tab. Or search a song or artist in mind from the above search field.


Step 3 Edit music

Move the slider bar until you find the section of song you want added. If lyrics are available for the song you select, they should pop up automatically on your screen. You can then choose different fonts and designs for them. When you're happy with the song you've chosen, tap Done and the song is added to your story in the form of a sticker.


However, what if you can't find the song you want from Instagram music library? Is there any way to add Spotify music to Instagram story? The answer is yes, follow below steps.

How to add Spotify music to Instagram Story?

1. Open Spotify on your phone and play the song you want to add.

2. With the Spotify song still playing, open Instagram and record your Story. The music playing on your phone will be recorded as background music.

Note: If you add music this way, Instagram will check your Story for copyright infringement, and if detected, will remove the sound from your video.  

Bonus: How to share Spotify music to Instagram Stories?

You can also share Spotify song as Instagram Story directly. Follow below steps:

1. Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet and play a song.

2. Tap the three dots found to the right of the song.

3. Tap Share - Instagram Stories.

4. This will open the Instagram app and automatically populate the song icon and link in a new story post. You can edit the story, then tap Send to.

5. Tap "Share" next to "Your Story" to share the story.

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